sticking a high sidehop

I can almost never stick a high sidehop. I usually fall backwards, so I try to lean forwards, but it still doesn’t help much… sometimes it does prevent me from falling backwards, but when I do get that part, I always lose my balance and fall some other direction.

I have the same problem with pedal grabs, though I think it’s for a different reason. I don’t know what the reason is though. I just can’t come straight down on whatever I’m pedal grabbing to and stay balanced. does anyone have any tips for sticking high sidehops?

Try putting more pressure on the forward foot when landing.
(Try landing with the forward pedal lower)

hey man, What I used to do when I had that same problem, I would try to go higher than the object I was hopping onto. you can also try leaning forward when in the air. for pedal grabs once your on the wall that your pedal grabbing use the weight of your body and your unicycle to ballence your self out. Try not to land on your crank only pedal. if you land on your crank its very hard to ballence.


I agree with Zack. On high pedalgrabs I lean way forwards, since I land in a crazy low croucyh that’s difficult to balance in.

Noone sticks high sidehops, don’t stress about it. Well, noone sticks what is a high sidehop to them. While 12’ may appear high to most, for me it’s rather medium-small, so I can stick it. however, for me, 32" is high, so I can’t stick it, while Zack or Ryan can do 32" easily. As you approach your limits, things will get more sloppy, it’s a fact of riding.

Point your head where you want to go. Your weight will follow the head, and if you’re falling backwards then maybe your head is too far back.

also what you can do Is stand up immeadiately and hop fowrard. unless your doing seat in hoping. If you are and your doing them side hoping STOP! you will never beable to hop high like that. if you do seat in hoping do a rolling hop.

If you’re seat in, tuck forward as you preload the tire before the jump. Snap upright till you reach the dead point (apex), then tuck forward as you snatch the uni up. If you don’t tuck, you’ll probably be back-tilted when your tire impacts the surface of whatever youu’re hopping onto, and you won’t be able to stick it.


when i am hoping high well over 30 inches for me i am so far leaned over once i get onto the object I just fall it makes me angry cause i cant get my self up. and also my feet always come off the pedals and then i slip and almost kill my self