Stick in Knee

Cliff and I where having a great ride down Mary’s peak (4,000 feet) when cliff had a pedal strike between two logs causing him to take a fall onto the end of a third log laying parallel to the trail. The jagged end of the log broke off a 1 inch thick piece about 3 or 4 inches into his knee, it would not come out so he walked about 3 miles out of the woods and is now at the emergency room getting ready to have his knee cut open. This was all very painful and ugly, there where some ladies with cameras at the trail head that took some pictures, we didn’t get their names but told them to post the pictures here.
Cliff is between jobs right now and I think his insurance has a $5,000 deductable so this is going to hit him as a double whammy, not being able to ride for some time and having to pay for it.

That SUCKS:( :frowning: :frowning:

I can relate to the being injured and not getting to ride part!
I wish him the best and hope he heals quickly

Man that is rough! That had to be extremely painful, and the walk back! I don’t think I want to see pictures. Tell Cliff to hang in there. I can relate to both the knee pain ( to a point) and the financial pain. See my post I just put up: Torn ACL - Help!


That sounds like some crazy stuff. I have had some nasty sticks in me but never so badly I couldn’t pull them out myself. That really must have been painfull if it really is inside the knee. Even if it’s a bit deeper inside skin it hurts a lot. Wish that Cliff gets well soon. :frowning:

I always opt for the lowest deductible possible, and suffer the higher rates.

Who ever has money in an emergency?

hope your full and fast recovery.

Another bad news.
BUt your knee is in firtst priority.
I hope your full and fast recovery.
Chin up and rehabilitation.

Hey Tom, sorry to hear about Cliff. That sounds very painful, hurts just to read about it. Tell Cliff that I feel his pain and that I wish him a speedy recovery.


Re: Stick in Knee

AAWWW! That sounds like an extremely painful thing! But since Cliff
was able to walk 3 miles on his own, we may assume that no vital parts
were torn? Here’s wishing that Cliff heals quickly and completely!

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Stick in arm

Yeah I have a sick in my arm, not from unicycling, but 3 years ago I was in the woods and I was carelessly standing on a log when I fell off backwards. The next thing I know there was a stick up my arm going right under the skin. Not thinking I pulled it out (as anyone would do when they panic) and I went to an emergency room. There they just stiched it up, but the next day it was infected so I go back, they take out the stiches, and I see this bump about an inch and a half from the cut. I push down on it and half of a stick split legnthwise squeezes out. The other half is still inside my bicep still. It doesnt bother me at all, so I haven’t gotten it taken out but you can feel it in there. I guess its a good source of fiber.
Not unicycling related, but I feel his pain.