Stian Remme - So Cold

For those of you who have been livin’ under a rock for the past few years, this here Stian Remme has been climbin’ up to be one of today’s best riders. He shows massive improvement in every video and has some of the nicest style around. He just came out with this new edit for your visual pleasure. Enjoy… and give the guy the mad props he deserves!

Nice Stian! Like the 900, hickquad and mad combos. Your improving each video!

2:52, absolutely freaking mind blowing.

Love it Stian, can’t wait to ride with you this summer.

:astonished: I thought you were kidding! Dang dude, when’d you get so good? Your 9s look really easy, and you have some really nice creative flat. I think my favorite clip was 3:36, totally unexpected and sick. Keep it up!

Awesome! I love the treyside triple and the treytriple :slight_smile:

nice tricks!:slight_smile:

There’s huge improvement in here and I love your style.
I really liked the hickquad and 900 btw.

Wow cool video, realy like watching it.
The 900 and trey side tripple are awesome.:slight_smile:

very clean 900 to :wink:

Thanks for comments everyone :):slight_smile:

That video was mad. Nice riding and I liked the song too.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

sorry for the verry late response but what is the name of the 2nd song??