Steve-O Extreme Unicycling

I’m not sure if anyone has seen this, but its sooo awesome :smiley:

the best bails are by good riders. not “i am gonna go fall down” riders

i dont think he takes unicycling seriusoly

but i was surprised that he knew how to ride one

ya, me too

As far as I know, Steve-O used to be a clown or a circus performer.

He used to be in some sort of circus, yes.

Hes not very good for an ex-perfomer! Iv seen some of his juggling but he is pretty average really.

Rock on!

That was so obviously staged and for some reason I could barely stand to watch it. I just wanted to go over there and crankflip those stairs and watch him be like :astonished: damn.


Just… yuck…


Spent more time on the ground than on the uni…

Fake falls too. Didn’t even try to do what he was riding on, he just rode up to it, stop riding, leaned forward and did a little tumble.

Failed at being entertaining.

Steve-O Extreme Unicycling

Maybe extremely stupid.


We could sue him for damages to our sport? Well… in the USA anyways… right? :roll_eyes:

Lol, we can try :smiley:

That is, if you call that riding

That was totally lame… I can unicyle better then him :sunglasses: