Steve Howard seat handle set

I have some photos in a gallery of the Steve Howard handle and bumper set installed on a new version Miyata seat with a Roach air seat conversion. They replace the new version Miyata red handle and bumper set that I had on a MUni. The red set had deformed around the hardware and slightly torn around the square holes in the bumper but showed no signs of cracking.

The Steve Howard (I will refer to Steve Howard as SH from now on as he has produced several items and I’m getting tired of typing his name over and over) set went on effortlessly with no bending, stretching, or fitting required. The SH has more finger room than the Miyata handles but the Miyata handles, since they are cast, have superior radiusing of the edges that contact both sides of the fingers. The SH is CNC milled which may make an improvement in radiusing these edges difficult. Gripping the SH for long periods of time may prove uncomfortable because of the edges but the finger cramping problem of the Miyata handles is gone. I have not yet gone on a MUni ride with it.

The SH is much more rigid than the newer version Miyata handle. The decrease in flex is dramatic. The SH is also more rigid than the older version Miyata (green) handle that I have on an air seat on my Coker. The material is clearly harder and tougher than the soft Miyata parts. The only possible disadvantage I see here is that the SH may tend to shatter on high impact rather than crack. I wouldn’t want to have my fingers in either one of them under those conditions, though.

kewl, I like it! (nice seat post!!! ;))

I heard something about new Kris Holm saddles.
Did I hear correctly? or not?

Whats the deal with them?

Thanks for the photos Greg - I was just regretting the lack of a digital camera** to record the same “operation”.

I used an old Roach cover and an old Miyata base - and old hardware. The front “U” bolt was a little narrow for the drilled holes so I slightly elongated them.

I’m having a liittle more trouble with with a CF base as the base is more curved than the Miyata so I’ll need to file some of the angles back.

N.B. By it’s resistance to filing I can say it has DEFINATELY passed its first abraision test.

An alternative and simpler CNC program would produce a super freestyle handle (with no lift extension).

Leo White, Cheltenham

** I did however have some digital scales :

Weights :

Steve Howard Bumpers :

Front 108g
Rear 52 g

Original Miyata :
Front 80g
Rear 58g

Chinese copy bumpers from Unicon X :
Front 65g
Rear 58g

CF Base 325g

Miyata Base (inc original metal reinforcement 360g

The Kris Holm signature saddle is made by Velo. It uses a closed cell foam for the padding. There were two samples at UNICON, one mounted to a unicycle of some type. That’s the one I sat on for about 10 minutes while talking to someone. It’s certainly more comfortable than a standard Miyata but I would want to ride one for an hour to see how it compares to an airseat. This seat is expected to be commercially available in September. Search past threads for Velo seat.

Cheers for the info!!

Unfortunatly I could not get to UNICON, because I live in England, so it would be quite expensive for me - I do know a few people who went tho (Roger, Trev, Adam, Will)!

I’m going to get a new trials uni soon, so I’ll wait till the KH saddle come out, and see its better than the Miyata.

I recently converted my miyata on my 26"MaxTraction to an air saddle (with a XL Gemcrest Leater cover), and its a beaut!
The only problem is that the NimbusII 20" which I use for freestyle, shows and uni-hockey, is really uncomfortable, because I’m so used to my air saddle :o - It looks like I’ll have to fork out another £50 to convert my 20" :roll_eyes: