steve howard handles

what does a steve howard handle look like?

Steve’s stuff is sold under the name Kingport

Check out for pix of it. They basically look like Miyata handles but more square, and out of a solid block of plastic.


it looks exactly like a Kinport handle…

EDIT: (oh,Chex you beat me by a minute,but it is after all “Kinport” not “Kingport” so there…)

Here are some photos of the Kinport handle from Steve’s gallery. I’m sure he has more. The most recent one I have from him has a fully radiused, hogged out handle. The grip has a hole all the way through the handle, not just a finger well.

Here is a thread that has some attached pictures of the new style Steve Howard Kinport handle on my muni.
Reeder handle sexual orientation

I like the new style Kinport handle than the Reeder handle. The new Kinport is easy and comfortable to grab, offers great pulling power on the seat, and is usable by either hand. It’s a great muni handle.

I like the Kinport handles alot.
They are strong, and light, and all around nice, however, they do break. (i broke mine at the CA MUni Weekend)
Anyways, I was wondering what people’s opinions were on these. They started being made with a 45 degree cut at the top, and a finger well (no hole going straight through) this is the way mine was, and i liked it alot. then he made the edge round, i think i like these ones a bit more. Then he maed that big ghastly gaping hole in there, which i detest. It makes it alot less nice to grab, and has that big hole, increasing the chance of breaking a finger off in there.
Anyways, i was wondering if anyone knows what i’m talking about, or has any variation on these handles, or what yo u opinions are?



I have one with the hole on my Muni, I like it for muni, but I do worry about breaking a finger every now and then if something would get caught. But so far it hasnt happened at all.

I have it in black, and Its holding up really well.

I think the ones with the rounded edge are the best from what I’ve scene.


I really like the new variation with the hole cut out. It gives me room to comfortably grab the handle for climbing. With the non-cut out version of the handle the tips of my fingers get all boxed in and bent backwards when I grab the handle. I have somewhat long fingers.

I don’t stick my fingers in far enough that I worry about breaking a finger.

If some people still prefer the non cut out version let Steve Howard know and it’s possible that he can continue to make both versions. If no one speaks up he’s not going to know what people like or prefer.