Steve Howard Handle replacement?

I’d pay $120+ for a carbon fiber version of Steve Howard’s handle.

Unfortunately, Bedford doesn’t have 'em (at least not in Black) and UDC doesn’t sell 'em.
The demise of my Steve Howard was in my use: I pushed down a lot on distance rides.

So, can someone recommend a handle to replace the Steve Howard?
The hole pattern on my CF base is drilled for that.

haven’t used it but I’ve heard the V-grip handle is great.

Yeah. I have popped off a couple questions via email on it.
I like doing distance 24, and the V-grip seems like the right solution for mixed riding.

Is anyone using the V-grip for Muni?
If so, how is it working out?
Does it make UPDs (off the front) more difficult?

if you doing muni, then you should probably get the deathgrip. it’s more suited to hopping and jumping off, while also being great for brakes ect.