STEVE HOWARD!!! frame Q.

i was riding with ur new frame that u gave away at Moab and i lost one of the bolts that attach the legs to the crown. Is it possible to buy replacment screws at canadian tire or a hardware store?

let me know,

and if any one knows steve howards actual email address then do tell.

its he never checks it!

You should obfuscate or munge any email address that you post in this forum. This forum gets duplicated out on USENET (internet newsgroups) where spam bots mine for email address. An email address posted in plain format with the @ sign and all, will likely get picked up for a spammers mailing list.

Hey Steve, I sent you a p.m. :slight_smile:

Justin -

It’s a M6 x 16mm socket flat head screw. I don’t think it will be too hard to find but let me know if it’s a problem and I’ll send you a few. You can use the above e-mail address.

Kenny - Got your PM.