Steve Howard Frame for sale

Hey every one,

Yeah my new pimped out uni aint so pimpin anymore.

that frame isnt working out as well as i thought it would. I went riding with it today and the re-welds cracked a tiny bit and one side has 2 stripped bolts but a cool frame non the less.

All it needs is to be quickly welded and patched up and im sure it could hold up to some novice Muni trails and drops.

im looking for a trade here. If anyone has a flat crowned bedford style frame they want to trade for this frame then im all for it.

( i cant pay shipping i have no $$)

but i can throw in a wide seat post with it that has the rail adapter function, or a KH seat post your choice.

I live in Canada, B.C.

any takers?


I could trade you a Yuni 26" frame if you wanted for it (it is powdercoat yellow, but I can do it red, black, white, dark candy orange or gunmetal silver).

i have a Yuni frame

and i preffered if it was a 24" frame ( flat crown)

Why don’t you see if SH himself could repair it? His frames are excellent. I own the most HOLEY of them all!

Contact Steve Howard and see what he can do for the frame. He can fix it. He’d also be interested in knowing what parts of the frame are failing. PM me or email me if you need Steve’s email address.

im sure the frame would work for someone with a lower level of riding but this frame just isnt strong enough to hold up to my level of riding.

ill see what steve has to say


i still dont want it because its just to brittle

i understand.

those frames do have alot of unwanted flex for heavy trails or muni riding and i can see how its not working out for you. i sold two for the same reasons. the 24" i had is now in DDR’s hands and has been transformed into a 26" hookwormed tired steet cruizer.

the 29er version i had has a skinnier tyre so the wheel flexing into the frame wasnt a big deal but i did bust the seat tube out of the frame right after the 03’ muni weak-end. SH did repair it and i doubt the tube will ever fail again from the sweet job on the repair.

SH is a super buzy guy so dont be shocked if you dont get an email responce for a month.

well i need to get rid of this frame

all i want for it is a flat crown frame that fits a 3" tire