Steve Colligan and Pedro Tejada on Brazilian Go Outside


Many people here know that Steve did an awesome Uni tour to the everest base.

Last month a Brazilian girl from Go Outside contacted me to ask some info about unicycling.

She wrote a 3 pages article about Steve’s journey, unicycling as a sport and about me!

I scanned it, but it’s low quality! It’s in Potuguese! Soon I will post the translation!

So, here it goes!

Brazilian Go Outside Issue 43, Dezember 2008. Pages 1, 42,43 and 44!

I hope to post the translation today! :wink:

May soon I will post some TV shows too… look like this GoOutside contact will send unicycle material to different media veichles :smiley:


PS: Sorry about the pictures size! Download it and view on the computer, is much better!

Low? Well I’m glad you didn’t post it in higher quality (or at least resolution).

Way to go, Pedro. Looks like an awesome article on Steve’s awesome ride, and on you of course with that marvellous picture. I can’t read Portugese though so I’m looking forward to your translation.

Thanks for that Pedro. Looking forward to reading the translation and also your article.


Hey Steve!

Sorry, will take some days… 3 or 2, to have the translation. I’m a bit busy with my website project, but until wednesday I will post it!

If you want a magazine, ask Fernanda, the girl that contacted you. If she’s not allowed to send one, let me know and I send to you!

Thanks Pedro, but Fernanda is sending me a copy, even though I can’t read it! No rush with the translation - just when you get round to it. Thanks.


I’m urging myself to read it, but i only really know spanish, even though the two are similar.

wow! is that your dad?

LOL! No!

Steve is a 36er, who did some cool rides. He posted about this journey here on the forum. Almost everything that he says on the magazine is here on his thread!

Hello Hello!

Now the article is also online! So you can read (or try too) with better quality :wink:


The translation is cooming soon :wink:


Hello Pedro

Parabéns for the article!:slight_smile:

I’m portuguese and I can help you with the translation if you want.

Split it up and tell me which parts I’m to translate.

Never mind that, just tell us who’s on the cover.

You can always use the Google Language Tools to translate the whole web page from Portuguese to English. Is not a perfect translation but it gives you a pretty good idea of what the article is all about.

Excelente artigo Pedro! Parabéns!!:D;)

Way to go Pedro! That is really awesome.

It seems like there’s quite a bit of growth in unicycling in South America right now.


Thanks Kris :smiley:

I’m really happy with the result! Best unicycling article on a magazine in Brazil ever!

It covers Steve ride, about my work here and the red box on page 43 explain in a really short but complete way, about modalities, differences between unis and stuff like why we have so many and diffent cranks sizes!

The girl from the magazine send my material to other magazines an TVs… I’m waiting to see if I can grab something else soon :smiley:

Kris, check your mail in 20 days (Yeah it takes too long :()! There is a magazine on the way to you :wink:

Carlos: Thanks! I don’t know how I forgot about Google… But I must make a good translation!

Lucky Day!

Some magazines here have their sites on big news portals. The article was already online, and from last night until today morning the article was on the main page of the second bigger news portal in Brazil!

It isn’t online anymore, but it may come back, since there are random content many times on this pages.

You can try to see it here: or the screenshot here:

The link to the article was on the right column and the title was: “Montanhista chega ao Everst usando Monociclo”

Funny that that came in the best day you could imagine. Today I have a kind of interview on STB (Student Travel Bureau) to try to get some sponsoring! :smiley:

Well, That’s it!


A sua foto ficou linda Pedro!
Hahah “mountain bike numa roda só” foi foda!
Mas podiam por mais fotos suas tbem, né?
Se quiser alguma ajuda com a tradução tb, pode pedir! :smiley:

E só ajuda a divulgar o ‘esporte’ se for ae em SP, pq aqui tem bem pouca gente q anda ainda, e a maioria só anda… Não faz nd além disso. Digo, nenhuma modalidade em especial tipo trial, flat, street… Heheh
Só por curiosidade, vc pratica muni tb?

Ainda não :(, mas devo pegar um Muni em Março e começar a treinar pra teer mais gas, e ganhar mais resistencia :wink: