Steve Cernkovich answers few questions about the 1995 NUC

Hi One Wheelers!

The following is an edited exchange of email messages between Steve and myself
that I though you other folks out there in unicycling land might be interested
in (at least Steve’s comments).


It’s nice to see the NUCs getting a little longer [4 days]. It’s becoming more
of a vacation and fun time. I can no longer imagine fitting everything into a
two day weekend, and still have fun meeting people and learning new things.

It would be nice to find out in advance who in is in charge of various parts of
the NUC. In particular, I’d like to know who is charge of the Extravaganza to
offer my modest performing talents and perhaps help organize it.

It appears from the schedule, that there will be no marathon. I was hoping it
would become a Monday morning tradition at our NUCs.

I wonder if it will ever be possible to register for a NUC by email? A
whole club could send their registrations by email and a regular check by
US mail. Safe credit card transmission is already being used by some people
on the internet. If it’s done right, it could make data entry for the host
a little easier.

The Awards Banquet sounds great!


Thanks for your note re the NUC, and for calling attention to the absence of a
marathon on the schedule. Its omission was inadvertent–there will indeed be a
marathon on Monday morning in keeping with tradition. We have yet to map out the
course, but rest assured that it will be as challenging as usual.

In answer to your question re division of labor, Brett Bernard and Jay Gilligan
are in charge of the Extravaganza, Jim Bernard and Jim Schlosser are
coordinating the artistic events, and Barry Piersol, Heidi Rakozy and I are in
charge of the racing events. Please feel free to contact any of us with any
ideas, volunteering, etc.

I’m afraid that we are not planning at this time to accept registrations by
email. I think it might be something to look into for future NUCs, and I
appreciate your suggestion.

We too are looking forward to a 4 day event (longer for those who plan to go to
Cedar Point). We hope the additional day will makes things less rushed, allow
people more time to socialize with one another, learn new skills, etc.

Thanks for your encouragement and please feel free to offer suggestions on the
conduct of the meet. We look forward to seeing you in Bowling Green in July.


What will happen at Cedar Point? How long will it take to get there from
the NUC site?


Cedar Point is a big amusement part on Lake Erie, about 50-60 minutes from
Bowling Green. It’s a great place for people of all ages: shows, music, rides,
lots of food, dolphin shows, etc. It’s especially attractive if you like roller
coasters: Cedar Point has 13, including the tallest, fastest wooden structure,
fastest steel structure, etc. People will be on their own re transportation,
buying tickets, etc., but we are hopeful that groups of unicyclists will go
together for some socializing in a non-unicycle setting. If you talk to John
Foss any time soon, ask him about Cedar Point: he’s been there before and can’t
wait to get back.

Hope you found the above informative.

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