Stereotypical new forum member here?

OK, so I’m a “semi-retired” computer programmer, took up unicycling again a few years ago after a lapse of about 35 years. My other sports have been dirt motorcycle riding, bush walking and rock climbing. I live in Canberra Australia, otherwise known as “unicycle heaven” (lots of nearby cycle paths, MTB single track, and forest trails). I enjoy my Nimbus 24 muni, and my 29er which was originally a Nimbus 32 that I re-spoked to a lighter bicycle rim for a 29x2.40 tire (slightly tricky job as disc and bearing removal needed, but the resulting wheel rides nicely).

When I started last century, I just happened to see a 20 inch unicycle in a bike shop window and thought “why not?”. Soon the seat became damaged (no proper bumpers in those days) and I replaced it with a home built wooden seat with the post bolted into the frame to stop it twisting. Then I re-spoked it into a “huge” 22 inch rim (yeah, you could get such a thing back then). Then, in search of a new experience, I got the rusty old 26 inch ungeared bicycle that I was given as a Xmas present when I was 11 years old and sawed off most of the frame, re-welded the seat post opposite the rear fork and replaced with chain and sprockets giving a 1:1 ratio. That was fun, but then I got the stupid idea of replacing the original large sprocket so I could go much faster - but it was then un-rideable, and I lost interest and it eventually it ended up at the dump.

Fast forward to now… so much better!.. splined cranks, robust seat post clamps, rugged, better shaped seats with good built in handle - hooray!

Now I’m thinking of forking out a load of money for one of the new 2022 Schlumpf hubs to build into a 24 wheel - easy to transport, will be plenty fast enough for me, yet still able to do normal riding (even if I never learn to change on the move). Apart from hub cost and supply, there seem to be a few build unknowns - mainly the new hub locking mechanism and disc brake on nimbus frame.

For what its worth, my riding preferences are soft lightweight shoes, not too aggressive studs on the pedals, mid-foot placement, standard bicycle shorts, no extra handle, helmet, gloves and forearm protection, crank length of 125 to 150, typical ride 5km to 10km a few times a week on dirt trails.

When I ride I pack my keys and phone etc. into a bum bag. Sometimes I track my ride with a GPS app on my phone that I wrote (so I can see where and when I actually went, on the saved map, for future reference).


Welcome back! Sounds like a 24 guni is the right choice for you. I would go with a nice and wide setup, somewhere around 3-3.5 inches so that in high gear the smaller diameter wheel will be able to handle bumps at speed with the extra cushion of the width. I have no experience though with schlumphs and they are a good ways out of budget for me but I have dreamed of a 24 guni with a wide tire, it’s like my spirit uni. I love the 24” size for maneuverability and just overall capability but being able to turn it into a virtual 36 would make it an omnipotent being.

Welcome! I’m another Aussie programmer, I code in SQL basically though and I live in Sydney.
You sound like a really capable person… Did you actually weld a uni from a bike at 11? Amazing.
Anyway, happy to catchup in person or virtually sometime :slight_smile:

oh no, no, no - I did get the bike when I was 11, but it was a LONG time later, when I was about 30 years old (ahem, more than 40 years ago), that I turned the old kids bike into a short giraffe. We may have met without knowing at the 2019 uninats 10k event.

thanks… you may be right about the tire size, but anyway I think I’m going for a 2.4" or 2.5" tire (I will still have the old muni with 3.0" tire as well as the new build guni24).

That makes sense, you wouldn’t have cut up your new bike!
We would have met (or crossed paths at least) on that UniNats event. According to my data I completed it in 46min, 39.1s on my road 29er with 137mm cranks :slight_smile:

Now that my unicycling experience has doubled since then (in terms of length of time with the skill of being able to ride a uni) I wonder how fast I’d do the same ride now.
Would you believe at the turnaround mark (too tight to simply do a circle) I had to dismount to turn and I had one of the officials help me get back on?

Now I’d hop it, or if for some reason that failed, at least I am pretty certain I wouldn’t need the third party assistance to get back on!

And my butt was killing me for the last 2kms (I used a Nimbus Gel saddle), only after that event I became acquainted with the KH Fusion saddles and the QX Elevens.

I found the results. You were 3 and a half minutes faster than me. Race you again!

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That’s fine too, I actually run a 2.5” on my 29er and when deflated a bit to around 30 or 40 psi there is plenty of squish. There’s so much talk on here about running 3+ inch diameter tires that I forget my widest is 2.5 and my skinniest is 1 3/4.

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