I am having a really hard time riding down steps. The bouce makes me go off the seat. Is there a corolation with weight and bounce or do I just need more practice. At 250 on a 20 inch am I trying something next to impossible? I made it a few times but usually dont.

when your just about to go off tthe frst step dont sit in the saddle use you legs to stand and also go forward letting the saddle bouce in to you if you. in other words dont put all of you weight on to the seat can you hop yet?

I hop fine

Hold onto the seat; that’s a big part of it. Also it helps to have a fat tire that will absorb a lot. Lastly, a little speed. If you ride down like it’s a hill, it’s much easier than treating it like a series of individual bumps.

Definitely put more weight on the pedals and less weight on the seat.

Also, you might want to lower your seat slightly. When approaching any rough terrain, it helps to absorb the bumps/drops with your legs by bending your knees and keeping your butt somewhat “floating” just above the seat. If your seat is too high, then you can’t absorb enough of the bounce without the seat knocking you in your butt.

Like others have said, a lot of the technique is in the knees. They’re your suspension. Pulling up on the saddle can help quite a bit to stabilize, but other than that, just find a good set and go at it!

Experiment with wider steps, shorter steps, steeper steps etc. I found a 3 set the easiest to learn on.