step over body varial?

ok sorry about the questioning title, but i’m not really sure what the trick is called, but i really like it and am having a really hard time doing it. its a flatland/street trick where the rider goes sif and then steps around the seat, puts a foot on the tire and the swings his/her other leg around to complete the 180. i hope somebody will know what im talking about, and hopefully be able to give me some advice on how to do it.(where to put my hands, when to spin the uni…that kinda stuff) o and whats the trick actually called so i can stop sounding like a fool when peopl ask me what im trying to do? lol
thanks in advance

i think the trick is called 180 stepover, i also landed it a few times today xD

well i know what its called now (thanks for that by the way), does anybody have any helpful tips??

celine very kindly gave a mini tutorial at last years BUC. i found it really helpful and have landed a couple since i decided to seriously work on it a couple of weeks ago before i got my frame powder coated. i tend to stand on the cranks with the opposite foot forward to her, but the principle is the same.

thanks a ton…i cant wait until it stops raining so i can go work on them…thanks a lot…feel free to let this thread die unless anyone hs anything else i should know