Step it up!

This is a unicycle game by Sam Haber the rules are like this

•You join the game by calling an available number while the sign up list is open.
•Players will have 3 days to add the clip of their trick(for both their trick and the tricks they must land to stay in the game.
•If it is your turn to set a trick, you are allowed to pass to the next person.
•If more than one rider is left and no one can set a new trick on the next step up, the riders will take turns setting the trick of their choice on the set size of their choice. With a one day upload period.
•Tech difficulties, bad weather, or any other excuse will not keep you in the game, if you do not upload the video before the next trick is set, you are OUT.

We’ll begin when four are in!

I’m 1

I`m in
number 2:D

So am I


So… now we’re 4 i think it will be good weather tomorrow so i’ll film the trick :smiley:


I’m in:p


Yes… but as long as second trick is not set you can join

Here it is, trick one!!!

must it be 1 1/2 rev or its ok when i do 1

The trick is 1,5 rev so you need to do 1,5 rev…

I’m up for this, so the person who is number 2 has to do that trick and set a new one right?

I’d be 6 then

Damn, I forgot about this! Oh well, I’m out then. :slight_smile:

every one has forgot it so i think that you all will get 5 days (29 okt.) from now, alright?

this trick i f******* hard i always do doubles or singles :angry:

Didn’t see this thread before now can i still join?

of course christoffer…

can you 2xRev and not 1.5xRev??? strange double seems at leats duoble as hard then 1.5

can I still join guys?

i would join as well…^^^^^^