Step It Up - Intermediate

Hey… Now I’ve tried a few times to get a Step It Up game working on Unicyclist, but it hasn’t really worked…
the rules are like this

1. You join the game by calling an available number while the sign up list is open.
2. Players will have 3 days to add the clip of their trick and 5 days to land the tricks they must land to stay in the game (you can still post your clip as long the new trick is not set).
3. If it is your turn to set a trick, you are allowed to pass to the next person.
4. If more than one rider is left and no one can set a new trick on the next step up, the riders will take turns setting the trick of their choice on the set size of their choice. With a one day upload period.
5. Tech difficulties, bad weather, or any other excuse will not keep you in the game, if you do not upload the video before the next trick is set, you are OUT.

The game will start when we are 4 players… LET’S GO!


I remember when this was posted before, but I still have no idea what the game is. :thinking: Could someone explain it a bit better please?

this was where the game started so it should explain it good enough

sounds like a cool game. i only think that the 3 day rule is bad.
for example : I live in a small village.i have a curb and an 8 set here:D i have to work often and can’t go to town every 2 or 3 days,find a right stairset and land a trick on the same day…
I think I am not alone with this problem.
If you change the rules to 5 days, I’m in;)

okay we changes it to 5 days :smiley: btw. you need to pick a number :stuck_out_tongue:

i didn’t understand the numbers stuff… i will just try with a 3.( even if i have no idea if that possible and why i have to do this:D)

Ok, now I understand. :slight_smile: I can take 5, but I’ll be out long before that.

If you say three you’ll be the third to set so you’re gonna set a trick on a 3 stair


An)-On - 2
Sophia P - 3
Julia B - 5

copy-paste and add you to the list!

I’m gonna be 1.

Sigurd - 1
An)-On - 2
Sophia P - 3
Julia B - 5

okay, now we are 4 players so you can set when you like (as fast as you can :p) Unigurd

anyone can still join as long as trick 2 is not set!!

Damn cool trick!!

I’m definitly out, and I’m pretty sure Sophia will be too… Do you think you can land the trick OUK?

i think i could do that. f*cking injury!!! i have to rest a few days and hope it will be better then.whats the time limit?

Well if it’s a week then you have until the end of yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s summer now so I got a bunch more time to unicycle… Anyone wanna start this up again?

Julia - 3


Julia - 3
Sigurd - 4