step around

After reading the description of the “step around”, I always kept wondering how it should be executed.
Like this?

Looks good, you certainly step around… Oh, and I love the puma shoes :wink: I think that’s pretty much it…

That looks like a fun one to try, thanks for the video Leo. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have considered giving it a go.


I’m pretty sure Simon Wells does a step around in the video on this site. It’s basically the same as what you do, but a lot smoother and faster.

'guess the smile should tell you do know those shoes are no Puma’s but Orchids. I now use Duffs.
And so, yes, in deed the movie is not very recent. The last two weeks I have’nt add any skills as I’m suffering some nasty ankle injury. Or suffering a slow recovery. Or actually both.

Well I can tell you it’s a hard one. Which could explain why I never seen it before. As you’ve probably noticed: it should be done without hopping or turning the unicycle. But I encourage to keep trying untill you’ve got it. I don’t have any usefull hints available (yet).

That’s funny to see! Yes it’s slightly different;

  • on my method one legs goes around the front of the seat, and the other leg goes around the back of the seat.
  • on simons method both legs stay on the nearest side of the seat. He swings only one leg around the seat and ends with a kind of leg-around movement.
    And so his skill seems to fit the description of the inverse.

Anyone out there with the expertise to confirm both?
My e-mail to John Foss a couple of weeks ago remained unreplied.

That looks pretty smooth. I had to watch the video about 10 times. I guess I’d better learn to idle with seat out.

That’s interesting, I thought it didn’t look all that difficult. I guess that shows how inexperienced I am at freestyle riding.

holy crap, leo. Is that a semcycle seat? I think I accidentally bought the same uni as you. (sem longneck, sem seat, 2.1" the wall, nimbus wheelset, 110 cranks, united pedals - what’s different on yours?)

But I’m nowhere near as good. :wink:

Ah well, time will fix that :slight_smile:

Also, there are a few people doing something I might describe as a ‘steparound’ in the koxx freestyle video - might be worth checking out.


Those wern’t Puma’s? i hate you Leo :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have a Semcycle longneck/seat/seatpost/hub/wheel, rim like on Semcycle-Pro, the wall, 125mm crancks (don’t ask why), pedals like on semcycle-pro (with heat-treated ax inside). But what you see in that clip is a 20" Semcycle Pro, which I most often use. Both have a blue seat and blue tire, so in the clips where I use it (for stand-up stuff) you hardly notice it’s another unicyce.

But back to topic (as I like to add the clip to the collection):

Or else anyone to deny?

I would call your video a “step around”.

Simon’s move isn’t quite an inverse, nor a step around. Simon isn’t doing seat on side, so he is not in the correct starting position for inverse. Simon’s second leg is not going ‘around’ the unicycle, so he isn’t doing the step around. There isn’t a standard skill descripton of what Simon is doing.


Ah thank you Conny (and John)!
That cleared up a lot.

Since my 1st ever competition I was wondering what these skills would be like, but anyone failed to describe it in clear way.