Stencil Idea

I just had a thought.

 Instead of having to replace bedford flame stickers after they have scratched off, what if someone invented like a stencil of the flames to place over the plain chrome frame,( where you usually put the flame stickers.) then they would powder coat the frame. When they were done, they would remove the stencil and you would have a painted frame. But the places where the flames would be, there are perminent chrome flames! 
 Anyways, just an idea. Tell me what you think.


or you could get the stencils and spraypaint flames onto it whenever they come off. good idea though.

hey guys I like the ideas, but
don’t you need to sand blast your frame before powder coating it??? meaning you wouldnt be able to leave the flame part chromed… just a thought

What if you first did an undercoat down where the flames roughly should be, then put the stencil over it (to block out the next coat) and then you would have it. For example undercoat of yellow then stencil on and overcoat with black or something. Could look pretty cool, and then you could make other things. Or can you not put one powder coat over another?

very good idea! it would probably work out a lot cheaper for stickers the bedford flame stickers are pretty expensive…

I’m not sure if it would be cheaper I have no idea what those things cost, I just thought of a way you could possibly do a more protected version. Got no idea if it could work.

the Bedford flame stickers are only 3 dollars canadian each, thats cheap!!!

I think

Well don’t look at me I just provided a half-arsed, half-guessed technical solution to getting it more permanent, lol.

Thats maybe not such a bad idea. Those flames look cool but if they come off as quick as the stickers then they’ll need a more permanent solution.