I’ve been eyeballing a big, super-steep knoll (perhaps 100 yards wide with countless lines) near Playa del Rey for over a year, intending to try and ride down some of the less-than-fatally-steep sections. Don and I finally made it there this afternoon. Steepest dirt we’ve ever ridden. Many wrecks. A person could get crazy good here (on vertical dirt) if they made it a regular practice. Pics don’t do the place justice.






looks awesome, i know what you mean that the pics dont show, i have a very steep hill and it looks lame on video. Cool pics.

I’d say the pics do it justice. That looks like suicide, especially doing it without a helmet! -glares-

it may look steep in the pics, but i’d bet it looks steeper in real life, i have had similar situations like this and the hill defiantly seems steeper in real life.

Wow, the pictures seem to do it justice… that looks amazing, awesome job on that.

look at your avatar again?

Thats what I’m saying though, doing a unispin on flat ground and riding down a 80 degree slope are entirely different. I always wear a helmet when I muni.

wow… reading what i said makes it seem as though i think they aren’t steep. i didnt mean that. they do look steep i just think that they would seem even steeper in real life

Another angle. I’m fully skidding here. Notice all the gopher holes.


Great playground you got there. Looks like a nice spot for people driving by to a good show of you wiping out.

Nice Stuff!

Wow that is cool. It looks very similiar to the old (unused for about 5 years now.) garbage mounds that every major city has in Isreal. These old garbage mounds have been covered in dirt and are usually a few miles outside of every major ciry in Israel. They have very steep slopes. Very good for downhill.


Ha thats really neat…today i went down a hill not quite as biig as that and nearly got totalled by a car…and is it just a random hill or is it man made?..

They’re some steep hills here in Sydney too. One of the big hills here makes you think you’re on top of the world or so to speak. :smiley:

I hate going down steep hills like that (well probably not as steep as yours but…), you ride forwards at the top and can’t see the ground!

Until you get to it and find yourself pedalling like mad (on a 20") anyway :astonished:

Wow, that’s steep! It looks really steep in the pics - and it’s always worse when you actually ride it.

There’s a steep hill (though not quite that steep - or as high) that I sometimes play on near my office. Doing it on a 29er is quite hairy but as long as I keep my nerve I can make it down. It does help to use the brake, however that has a little problem :wink: I have to yank the brake really hard for it to resist the slope. And because it’s so scary, I always forget to let go at the end where the slope suddenly flattens out onto tarmac. Trouble is, I can scoot down the steep part fine - but then catapult off the front of the uni when I hit the flat :o

hmmmm no excusses here.

Steep hills terrify me, but it’s always fun to fall and end up 40+ feet from your unicycle :slight_smile:

I love really stupidly steep hills! If you don’t think you can ride it you can just lean back and bail, thats one advantage of unicycles. On a bike you are pretty much commited once you go over the edge.


:thinking: What could possibly be more fun then that??? :thinking:

But on a bike you can roll down and use only brakes rather than worrying about not being able to pedal fast enough, or your legs giving way.