Steep - Video

After seeing the pics on Gopher Knoll (on the “Steep” thread), Terry and I went back and got a little video. I don’t know why but the video camera totally flattens out what was really some steep stuff. But we had fun.

The video’s here:

If Gopher Knoll was in a popular Muni area it’d be packed 24-7, it’s that much fun.


Yea, The video makes it look not as steep, but when you upd you can tell it’s steep by the way the uni and you guys went flying down the hill :wink: .

That’s cool to see it on the day you did it. Looks like fun!


What? No coker?

I’ve lost my respect for you Terry.

does the brake help that much on such steep terrain? is it worth putting on?

thats awsome!!

looks really hard tho

and really steep hills kinda scare me… hahaha

maybe thats why im not very good at Muni…

sick riding though!! :smiley:

Sweet…rockin’ testament to your mad old skilz. :slight_smile:

You’re right that the video flattens it, but the “skidding” shots help show the steepness (as did the one of Terry trying and failing to haul his muni back up the hill).

Wish I could have been there to wimp out on each of those lines.

That looks like so much fun! I love steeps on the Muni.

Looks like a blast. I was waiting to see a power slide all the way down!

On this hill, most of the dirt is pretty soft owing to eons of gopher activity (I think). It’s also too steep in many places to just spin down, at least for me - I can’t make my legs go that fast, and wouldn’t want to try because the falls would be way too fast and face first (and awful). So the way to limit the speed here is to skid a little. The brake is key in holding a controlled skid. It makes the hill look a lot more low-angled than it is because we’re not spinning all that fast in many places, rather we’re skidding (usually just slightly) with the brake on.

You can’t skid like this on on hard-pack but on this stuff it works well. It’s the Muni version of snow-plowing. You could just tuck these runs but you’d almost certainly end up taking some pretty harrowing high speed spills. With the skidding falls you just fall on your ass and slide down a ways.