STEEP! Two feet vertical gain for each revolution!

Lung buster climb on a 24 with 80 psi in tire. Ran over GLASS 3/4 of the way up! Ooops! :astonished:

Wow, that looked tough but fun, good job!

Going down would seem just as hard as going up, at least on your knees.

How do you figure out what percent the grade is?

This is inspiring me to revisit some hills downtown.

It always surprises me when I hear people say or assume that riding down steep hills on a uni is as hard or harder than the climb up. There really is no comparison, at least in the amount of energy and stamina expended. For example, when I got to the top of this hill I was totally out of breath, and my heart rate was around 165-170.

Conversely, the ride down was a breeze even though I had to back pressure all the way I did so in a slow, very controlled manner. My heart rate and breathing were close to normal for the ride down. In short, I like to say that the ride down is always the reward for the climb up! :smiley:

Oh, and as for my knees, I used to run but gave it up because of knee pain. Never been an issue for unicycling. And the grade has been determined in a few ways, including this method, which is accurate, especially if you take several measurements and average it out. Some say this particular hill has a max grade of about 33%, and a minimum of about 27%. But the fact is, it’s a steep motha! :slight_smile:

Yes, I certainly agree in terms of energy and stamina. I’m one of those people that have knee discomfort while putting on the back pressure going down hills. Same with running, I can run up stairs all day but running down is a different story.

Thanks for the link, off to do some calculating!

Definitely “a steep motha!”.