Steep hill climb post hip injury

It’s been a little over 5 months now since my hip injury and almost a year since climbing this super steep hill in San Pedro nicknamed “Mini Fargo”. Was really curious to see if it was even still possible to climb it, so I brought my 27.5 Oracle along for the ride and gave it a go. Took several attempts just to get the momentum going. Plus there’s a useful fhack for inside ankle protection at the end…

Wow, that’s impressive. Good to see you’re back to your inspirational best.:slight_smile:

Thanks Mike, I feel very lucky that somehow I’ve been able to adapt to the injury without causing further damage. The torn cartilage in the hip socket will never heal on its own but as long as I continue to modify my activity so that I don’t do any twisting, pivoting or put too much torsional stress on my left hip I seem to be able to function in a pretty much normal fashion.

Glad to see you back.