Steep challenge...

Just a little quick video from today, 1/1/08. Several of us have tried to make it all the way to the top of this steep section, but so far nobody has made it all the way.

Even bikers have a hard time unless they have sufficient speed to help them make it! So I decided to go for it one more time on the first day of the new year!

Again, it’s hard to appreciate just how steep this is from the video; you really have to see it in person and try it for yourself!:smiley:


Good work, The camera angle doesn’t do much for it though.

Yeah that’s why I kept the bikes in the video. At least it gives some sense as they push them up at the top.

I think maybe this pic shows the steepness
better than the video. It’s still doesn’t capture the actual angle.

It’s very close to this:


Very nice Terry… well done, that looked very steep. Pity the camera angle doesn’t do it justice.

That was awesome!

I liked having the bikes in there. Look at the angle of the bikes compared to the flat ground the camera is sitting on.

Thats a steep section. Good job on making it up.

Yeah putting the bikes in was a good idea. Impressive man.

Very nice!

Thanks yeah for some reason video never really captures the true angles; I think because it’s only 2D instead of 3D. I also shot that video with my new sony still cam! Not bad, and way easier to carry around compared to my actual video cam, which is HUGE by comparison, even though is a mini camcorder that fit’s in your palm!




Also if you look at the angle the bikers are standing at, you can appreciate it a bit more. I know I did.

I think maybe the reason why they got off was they saw you and thought you might be going down (at least partly, I know I prob would have even if it was fairly easy). What was it that they said?

Edit: If you set the camera up for a side shot, making sure it was horizontal (or maybe even accentuating the angle a bit), like 15-20 ft back we could see the angle better.

Yeah I was using a really small, mini tripod so I couldn’t set it up on the side since the brush was so high it would have obstructed the cams view.

They all got a kick out of it and the first thing they asked was, “are you filming this?” Yeah, there were many other bikers who took an alternate route so they didn’t have to go up that step part. Unless they come at it pretty fast, they usually can’t power up it without losing momentum.

There’s a hill like that near me, but it’s about 200 foot long! I haven’t seen one MTBer make it, yet I powered up it once (pecking, of course, much too long to roll up!) for a bet with a MTBer. I won $10 bucks and had leg agony the next day, totally worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

I love challenges like that! There’s about a 1/8 mile long climb (in Aliso Viejo) I call “Heart attack hill”, that many seasoned mtbrs will get off and walk after about the half way point. It’s also very rutted and bumpy. It’s just insane steep.

I made it all the way up by standing on the pedals and “half-revving”. By the time I hit the top my lungs were burning so bad I thought they would explode! I’ve done it once again since and want to do it again asap!:smiley:

It probably would have been a better idea to place the camera at the top, that is unless the terrain at the top wouldn’t level the tripod. I would have appreciated the angle of the hill a bit more, dispite the fact that this vid is already mad impressive. Great Job! *now try it with a 20’’ ;D *

do you have a pic taken from the top looking down?

haha forget this video…I’m editing my new UniGeezer video shot today…I FINALLY landed an EIGHT SET!!! Plus some other stuff.

Look for it later in the vid sections entitled: UniGeezer: “Crazy 8”:):p:D :sunglasses: