steel pedal inserts in KH cranks moving??

I noticed that when i loosen/tighten my pedal in the right KH crank arm, the steel pedal insert slips and moves with the pedal a little bit then stops.
Has this happened to anybody else?? :thinking:

broken link was here


your link isnt working.

Here you go.

Tighten them up ASAP, they do take a while at first to start to become an issue, but after a while they start to loosen up way faster, and eventually destroy the crank. It is a lot cheaper and easier to tighten them up than to replace the crank and pedal.

I loosened them and threw some superglue on and then put them back on as tight as i could :p.Thats was about 7 months ago so its working

when you say tighten them up, i am assuming you mean tighten the lock ring down on the reverse side of the crank???

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah i used pliers to hols the little holes in the lock ring.It wont tighten nearly as much as you want but it keeps them in.Mine still turn when i take the pedals out but atleast the lockrings dont come out now.

my lockrings would never come out, even if i tried…and i just tightened mine down really hard w/ appropriate wrenches.