Steel Cranks?

I keep trashing aluminium cranks - the thread on my steel pedals just smooths out the softer aluminium crank thread. Any ideas on this? I don’t think its from just over/under tightening but possibly an inherent problem with trying to use two metals with different hardness under stress.

I have only tried Nimbus cranks and Nimbus plastic studded pedals (with steel thread) so far though. Would KH Isis cranks and different pedals last or is the only real answer to lasting cranks to find some steel ones to go with the steel pedals. Got a friend with steel cranks on his DMR bike and they definitely won’t break - but they are about 400g heavier which isn’t ideal.

Any thoughts appreciated!

the nimbus cranks are not the strongest kind of aluminium.

here some ones you won´t have problems with
i would prefer in oder:

impact eiffel tower (light and sexy)
koxx street (steel and cool)
koxx light (light and really good price)
all are strong ones
KH moments (very strong but heavy)

Hi Aex, I’ve been thinking of getting KH cranks…as far as I can make ou they have CroMo pedal inserts which should sort the problem. Looked at your video link, some great trails there…I must give it a go sometime. Joseph.

Cheers for this.

Those Impact cranks are awesome! May go for KH on the muni and Impact for trials. Sweet!

Any pedal suggestions?

my babies are the wellgo MG1 (titanium axle saves 100g cash is no issue)

but also curious to ride echo some day…

The reason you are pulling the threads out of the cranks is because they are low end cranks design for light riding. The thread is just tapped into the aluminium and when subjected to anything more harsh than riding across flat level ground will be damaged.

Most cranks designed for aggressive riding are made of aluminium with steel inserts for the pedals or steel altogether.
For muni I would recommend the KH Moments, extremely strong and feel very stiff. For trials I would say Onza Tensiles. Light but extremely strong.

Yeah those echos look amazing! For £137.87 a pair though they’d have to be!..

yeah thats the high end solution, befor buying them I would test some of the cheaper ones :wink:

sorry foregot the Tensiles, but its hard to get them here…

Thanks again for all your advice guys.

Have gone ahead and bought some 150mm KH cranks for the muni. Just as the arrived however, I noticed on that you can buy ‘Twin Hole’ cranks (link below). I know that these would not be ideal for trials riding because of weight, but given the fact that I would only need one pair of cranks and save a fair amount of money would anyone recommend these ‘Twin Hole’ cranks over getting the standard 150mm KH cranks and then a separate set of trials cranks?

The biggest drops I can ever see myself doing on the muni is about 150-200cm. Do you reckon the ‘Twin Hole’ cranks would hold up to this on the 150mm setting? (I wouldn’t do drops like this very often)

On pedals - does anyone think 5-6mm difference on the width would make a noticable difference for trials or muni riding in terms of the foot more easily slipping off the pedal?
These pedals are 95mm at the widest point:
Best most pedals it seems are 5-6mm wider such as:
Reckon this makes a difference? The Trialtechs are so much lighter!..

Ha this has got a bit long now, and probably way too technical, I should really just be out riding…

I have some alloy cranks that are older than you, that have been on at least half a dozen different cycles over the years. The threads are great (no steel inserts). Those were the old IDOL cranks that used to come on Miyatas. I’ve also had lesser cranks that stripped easily, especially with inexperienced threading of pedals, riding with loose pedals, etc.

Generally, long as you keep the pedals from coming loose, the threads will be okay on decent cranks.