steel coker wheels

Hello, i have two steel coker wheels i’d like to sell. Both are in good used condition. One wheel is fully assembled, and the other is completely dissasembled. I’d like to get $65 shipped for the assembled one, and $45 shipped for the dissasembled one. I would also consider parting out the one wheel. I think i am missing one spoke nipple for the dissasembled wheel, and the bolts for the hub, but i believe i have a set of brand new allen bolts that will fit that hub and will be included. Also i have a really lousy although completely ridable homebuilt frame (and maybe a near-new seatpost) i’ll throw in if someone wants them.
I’ll try to post some pictures in a while if ppl are interested.

Sounds like a bargain to me. Isn’t shipping like $50 for that size wheel?

I just shipped a wheel like that with a frame, and some random bits. The shipping for the lot was $37 via UPS. I suspect it would have been a little cheaper without the extra stuff, but not much. It’s a big box, and if I remember right $9.00 of the cost was extra for an over sized package.


Just PM’d you. Waiting for response. :slight_smile: