Stealth torker for trials

Compared to other unis in the same price range, how good is the Stealth for trials. The main reason I’m interested is that our LBS has a few on order and the rest of their uni’s are a bit out of my price range.

I am a fairly new rider and so I use the term trials very loosely. I have a chrome Torker 20 inch and a 24 inch Torker. I just got the 24, but the 20 is what I learned on. I managed to get the wheel very untrue in very little time so I was especially concerned about this in the stealth.


One thing I forgot,

After two hours of riding my new Torker 24 yesterday, I was in a bit of pain. I place the blame on the seat. Anyone know if the stealth seat is more comfortable? I definitely like the handle on it, but if it’s no more comfortable I don’t think it would be worth getting.


The UniStar (Stealth Torker) has a double walled aluminum alloy wheel with 48 spokes as opposed to the standard Torker single walled steel rim with 36 spokes. The UniStar is MUCH stronger. I’ve only done 2 foot drops with it but I’m more afraid of the cheap cranks breaking than the wheel.

The UniStar has a Miyata style seat that is INFINITELY more comfortable than a standard Torker seat. The standard is considered so small as to be appropriate only for children.

Sounds good to me!

The other thing i forgot was the max size tire allowed by the frame. As I understand it, the unicrown frame inherently accepts a larger tire then the flat crown, is this true for the two Torkers?

The standard Torker frame tapers at the tops of the forks and is extremely narrow.


Are they “standard” cranks? I mean are they compatible with the kinds of cranks that would go on other unicycles, such as the United, etc? I’m just wondering if I can at some point upgrade the cranks and pedals.

I get mine tonight, I think. Maybe tomorrow. I will be careful with the cranks I guess.


Three more questions for all you wonderfully knowledgeable people out there:

  1. Does the new Torker seat have same bolt patterns as the Miyata? ie. Will a Miyata replacement lift handle fit the new Torker?

  2. Lately people have been complaining about the quality of the new Miyata handles. How strong does the Torker handle feel?

  3. Is the Torker seat constructed the same as the Miyata seat? In the unlikely case that I get the urge to convert the seat to an air seat, will I be able to using the Miyata air seat conversion instructions?

The Stealth Torker saddle is a Miyata saddle. I can’t quote you its exact vintage or place of origin, but I judge it to be the same quality overall as my “new” miyata saddle I got in september.

Between three Miayata saddles (May, September, and new Stealth), I did significant swapping of seat posts and handle/bumpers (including a Kinport set). Sizes, bolt patterns, airseat pieces-parts all worked interchangeably with all three saddles.

The only difference between your typical Miyata saddle and the Stealth torker saddle are color, painted logos, and the black 25.4mm seat post. Treat it as a Miyata, you have my blessing. :smiley:

…And about using it as a trials uni, I’d say its strength is OK for low-impact trials, but that tire is way too narrow. I can’t really see doing trials on a freestyle width tire.

Pics of two of the saddles AFTER miscellaneous parts swapping.

The cranks are standard, cotterless, cheap aluminum alloy, painted black. They look like Lascos to me because of the size and shape but they have no manufacturer’s insignia on them. You will be able to upgrade to any standard, tapered, cotterless crank.

I, too would like to know more about this unicycle. If it is in fact a miyata seat clone, which costs alone 40 dollars, then this is like buying a nice new unicycle for 49 dollars, which is very cheap. Will it withstand hopping and small drops? Is it a Suzue hub? Is it a good investment or is there another 20’’ with a better price/quality combination? All comments are appriciated, I may order one soon if it’s a good idea, currently I only have a 24’’ and I’d like a 20’’ very much. Thanks!