Steadicam climb 33%

thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest! :hushed:

Met up with San Pedro local Shane who filmed me (12.10.2019) with his Steadicam while I climbed my uni up the brutally steep 33% grade monster hill! You can hear Shane gasping for oxygen as he follows me up the hill! I’ve climbed this hill many times but this is the first time it’s been captured by Steadicam, witch is so much better than a tripod where you quickly go out of frame, or shaky video without stabilization. So come along for the ride, and hope you enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did the maths, there is a little mistake because 12" is the hypotenuse, and the 4" are taken perpendicular to the floor so it’s the opposite side.
the grade is opposite side / adjacent side.
with pythagor the adjacent side is 11.314"
And the real grade is 35.4% indeed.
congratulations! I’d be dead from heart attack if I attempted that.

Nicely done, Terry.

Maybe we can have the next climbing clinic in my neighborhood. Below are links related to three local paved hills.

South end of Top of the World neighborhood, Laguna Beach, 34% grade

3rd Street, Downtown Laguna Beach, 30% grade

Kite Hill, Laguna Niguel, next to Aliso and Woods Canyon, ??? grade

I’ve done the Third Street climb it’s pretty short and you have to watch for traffic. I’m not sure about the other two if they’re not paved then there might be an issue with traction at that grade. But yeah we should definitely have another climbing Clinic soon.

Third Street is fun, but there is so much traffic there. What about Eldred Street for the next clinic. Slightly steeper than Fargo, very quiet (it’s a dead end), and I think not many people here have tried it.

The other two are paved as well. You are right about the traffic on 3rd Street.

Bill, could you post coordinates or Google Maps links of the two other climbs? I might have done the one at the south end of the Top of the World community since it’s really close to a fun, but challenging DH trail.

South of Top of the World: Video of freeline skaters at location 33.541284,-117.753097

Kite Hill: 33.554134,-117.717089

Thanks a lot! I know the first one, but have only ridden it down to reach the trails in that area. Will check it out again next time I’m in Laguna.

I just watched the video, and I realize that the camera notoriously flattens out steep hills but it sure didn’t look anywhere near 34% grade. Not even close.

Some web site said the steepest part of the South-Top-of-World hill is 34% grade. Maybe that only lasts for a few feet…

Kite Hill gets tough toward the end. It is a good hill to learn pacing, how not to burn out early on the hill.

Neither hill I expect to be a challenge for Terry or Ben. I know the challenge is to find even steeper hills. I will keep looking…

The best indicator of grade in a video, I think, is when the camera is shooting at the rider from a sideways angle and something horizontal/vertical, like a house or fence, is in the background. When you start shooting up or down the hill, the grade becomes obscured.