Status of future NAUCC, UNICON locations

Here is the latest information on the status of future North American and world unicycling championships and ocnventions. All information is subject to change without notice:

2005 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention - Hosted by the WOW 4-H Unicycle Club at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio (over the last weekend of July)

UNICON XIII (2006) - Organizers are 80% sure it will be held in Langenthal, Switzerland (about one hour south of the German border, one hour from Zurich airport)

UNICON XIV (2008) - Possibly Denmark

UNICON XV (2010) - Darwin, Northern Teritory, Australia (could possibly shift to 2008 if no other location is found for UNICON XIV)

Just like others I am back from EJC.
They had excellent facilities. A big top for the public show, enough sporthalls. a large camping site, security, food… anything what is needed.
Just an idea… but why not try to make jugglers enthousiast to organize UNICON 13 & 14 together with an EJC?
It might reduce a lot of costs for both visitor and organizer (who also saves time!).

Me too! A wonderful convention! The largest gathering of jugglers in the history of earth; and lots of unicycles too!

I’d add one more suggestion about the planning of these events, UNICON and EJC …

  • both are large and international events
  • there is a fair amount of overlap in interests (lots of jugglers uni, and lots of uni_ists juggle)
    – so, these two events should not be scheduled at the same time! (unless, of course, they are somehow combined)


Everyone should mark their calendars now !!!
Looking forward to it…


Re: Status of future NAUCC, UNICON locations

Darren said “Mark your calenders”. Did you actually do that yourself
Darren, and if so, on what dates?

Tom, if any info on dates is available, please share.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

I was there too. Unfortunately just for one day.

Of course I would love that… But I talked to some organisers yesterday and read the french juggling forum, more than 3 800 jugglers were… That’s a big organisation, maybe too big…
So if you had the unicyclist…

Another point: no competition in the EJC except the juggling games but the spirit is not “competition”… So I’m not sure it will work!!


interesting thought but i don’t think it would work
couple of reasons

>running the two concurrently will not work
many people have mentioned that they couldn’t get to everything they wanted to see or do at Juggling convo’s as well as Uni meets
to combine the two will simply double the amont of things people might want to do
doubling the time of the (combined) event will not be feasible

>running the two consecutively (think para-olympics and the olympics) at the same venue will probably not work either
people interested in both will face the same kind of problems with the extended time period of attending both as with the ‘doubled time’ scenario in my previous point
this will also not reduce the organisers’ workload
i suspect it will come real close to double it
almost exactly
might as well have a ‘change of scenery’
yes, it will reduce attendees’ travel cost, but that’s on the proviso that they can get afford to go for such a long period of time in the first place

unicycling is also working at establishing itself (or rather, being accepted as) a seperate sport and the fastest growth areas of Uni is in the non-circus related sections of the sport
i can’t imagine the hard-core street-, muni- or trials riders having much to say to a poi-swinger from, say, Denmark
joining the International Uni meet with a major juggling fest will do preciously little to diminish the ‘clown’ tag so many people find so offensive

maybe, just maybe, having a major ‘Circus Skill Festival’ once every 5 years might be a kewl idea?



Tom’s original post says:

Over the last week-end of July

Most N.U.M. / N.U.C. before there changed to
N.A.U.C.C. were held at the end of July.

You have lots of time to get ready to come to America next year.


Re: Status of future NAUCC, UNICON locations

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004 22:27:21 -0500, “Darren” wrote:

>Over the last week-end of July

Yes that referred to NAUCC but I was mostly thinking of UNICON XIII
(2006) as it will be in Europe. Someone told me it’s probably in the
end of July / beginning of August timeframe.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

Dates have not been chosen for UNICON XIII. As my original post said, the potential Swiss organizers are only about 80% sure that they will be able to host the event. They are not scheduled to provide more information until sometime in November.

Convention dates overlapping with other events:

Sometimes this is unavoidable, and sometimes the hosts aren’t even aware of the conflicting events. EJC and Unicon in Japan are pretty disparate events. The Japanese organizers are all about a world championships, so are competition oriented. Also they were probably unaware of the existence of an EJC, not to mention a need to avoid conflict with it.

But being aware of the event may not have been able to change anything. This Unicon used two different tracks (different locations), three different gyms (different locations), an indoor hockey rink (different location), a bike path (different location) and a mountain bike park (very different location). Scheduling all of that, especially considering two of the venues were actual Olympic buildings, is pretty complicated and usually leaves one with few choices.

We are looking at the possibility of hosting Unicon XVI in Northern CA in 2012. If we commit, it will probably be years in advance. This is how you get to choose dates on the best facilities. But it also makes it hard to avoid conflict with other events, if those events haven’t been scheduled yet. We will do our best to not conflict with other major unicycling and juggling events.


W O O H O O !

Edit: Please be in 2008!!! Can’t wait!!!