Stats yet on the Hoggy G?

John, It looks as if you made it to the Seattle Bike Expo. Did you bring your tape measure? How does the Hoggy G really compare to the Fireball. I like its more rounded profile, but it doesn’t appear as if it has the Fireball’s volume.

Tell us what you think.


David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD
where I may have a week left to unicycle on the lake before spring starts to break things up.

Re: Stats yet on the Hoggy G?

I forgot to bring my calipers so I didn’t get a good measurment. Eyeballing with a ruler I’m guessing it’s just slightly less wide than a 3" Gazz. But it’s hard to tell because they had it mounted on a rather skinny rim and a plain old ruler is not very accurate at measuring a tire width.

It doesn’t have a heavy duty casing like a DH tire so it’s quite pliable. It should give a lot of cush.

Tommy Thompson from the Memphis Unicycle Club may get one soon to try out. I also think is going to get one to test. Hopefully we’ll get some reviews back.

I do like the look of the rounder profile. It sould be better for turning and general riding around than the Fireball. But that’s just a guess, I haven’t been able to ride one yet.