Stats from your latest ride

hi everyone,

Just thought it would be a nice idea to have a thread that people can use to write up about their latest ride- especially if they have not taken any pics (to suit the similar ‘pics of your latest ride’ thread). Because i ride solo almost all the time it would be nice to share some info about distances, times, climbs, and ride setups etc. That way we can share info and use it as encouragement to get back out there and improve you distances/times/fitness etc.

My ride today
unicycle- Nimbus 36, airfoil,TA, T7, 127mm, 29er tube

Distance- 46km

Time- 2hr 5min

avg speed-21.2km/h

top speed- 29.34km/h

elevation- N/A (Don’t exactly know but it is all pretty flat around the lake)

Route- From my suburb in North Canberra to the Australian National University campus, then around Lake Burley Griffin, and back home

All in all i was happy with how i felt during and after the ride. I guess it was a starting ride for my training for UNICON at the end of the year. Since the beginning of the year i have been almost exclusively riding Muni so it was nice to get back out on the big wheel.

OK so lets hear some info from your latest ride! Feel free to add as much info as you think is interesting (heart rate, GPS, maps of routes etc)


I started the same topic on the Dutch forum (
I used this code, feel free to use it in here:

[b]MY STATS[/b]
[b]Trip distance:[/b]
[b]Trip time:[/b]
[b]Avg speed:[/b]
[b]Max speed:[/b]
[b]Total riding time:[/b]
[b]Total distance:[/b]

Last two are the stats of all your rides together

My last (but way to short ride):

Friday after work I jumped in my bikeoutfit and rode to the LBS to get some new headlights for my future nightride training. Then I decided to make a short ride through the surrounding villages.
In the past, downhill parts were a bit scary, but it’s starting to
feel good now.

Wheelsize: 36"
Trip distance: 32,26km
Trip time: 1h31min13sec
Avg speed: 21,22km/h
Max speed: 28,78km/h
Total riding time: 16h11min
Total distance: 295km

Hi probailer2,

Its interesting how similar our stats are for avg speed and top speed. Can you give me some more information on what your 36er set up is like? crank length/components etc.
To fill in the information that i missed out on my first post (only from my 36er computer)- after your suggestion:

Total riding time: 117.13hrs
Total distance: 1,911km


I use a 36" KH unicycle with T7 bar and 123/110mm cranks (yes, they realy are 123mm/110mm, not 125/110 like everyone calls them)
I use the 123 hole now, never tried the smaller hole setup.
Ohw, hope to use my custom handlebar soon, wich is welded now but it just needs a spraypaint now :slight_smile:

Wheelsize: 29" Guni
Trip distance: 48.5
Trip time: 4h 57
Avg speed: 9.7
Max speed: 19.57
GPS Plot:,-1.203067&spn=0.167418,0.30899&t=k&z=12

As part of Bike Week, they were giving away free breakfasts in the city centre this morning to anyone biking to work. I don’t have a job at the moment, but I can’t turn down a free breakfast! They were also giving away freebies, like a nice chunky D Lock too, and had toys there to play with such as a Qu-ax Penny Farthing. So, after this, I decided to head off in search of a local news reporter that is half way through a 125 mile bike ride around the East Midlands. I never found her, but did managed to get clock up a few miles in the process.


1 wheel
1 puncture
1 walk

I use to have a cycle computer on my 36. I sort of became a slave to the thing. If I went 18 miles I would have to get back on and get to 20. It got so bad that I wasn’t enjoying my rides anymore. I took the computer off and now I ride for the love of riding. I have no idea how far I go or how fast I’ve ridden. Don’t really need to. It’s cool to know what other people are doing though. Keep riding.


I rode to work today at a leisurely pace.

Wheelsize: 36" Coker
Trip distance: 0.97 mi
Trip time: 6 mins
Avg speed: 9.7 mph
Max speed: 11.2 mph

This commute is killing me. Time to get a guni! :smiley:

Just a ride out to Belconnen (Florey) to catch up with my relatives today. Was a nice ride and i decided to take the hilly route to start improving on my climbing before Unicon (i hear the marathon course is a bitch).

Wheelsize: 36er 125mm
Trip distance: 21.72km
Trip time: 1:05hr
Avg speed: 19.76
Max speed: 27.49km/h
Total riding time: 118:19hr
Total distance: 1,933km


Guess I’ll add the first offroad ride, even if it’s not much. I just built a new wheel for my 26er, and needed to do a test run to try it out, and break it in.
Had a few stops to tighten the brand new cranks and check the wheel.
Trails were soupy and slippery today due to the recent abundance of rain.
26" wheel (can’t believe how much slower it is than my 29er!)
52mm cranks
2.30 tioga factory downhill tire

Avg speed: 3.69 (lol)
Avg moving speed: 4.54
Top speed: 6.71 m/h
Distance: 4.55 mi.

All the other stats can be viewed here:

Due to the cliffs, I think the gps may have had just a little trouble tracking, but I think it’s fairly close

Wheelsize: 24" Toker LX
Trip distance: .5 mile
Trip time: 3m26s
Avg speed: 8.74

Just started working on my speed over a short distance.

Oh, and lets all use the metric system.
Because the imperial system is just weird lol