static mount

I actually static mounted several times in a row tonight. Hopefully the days of parking my car on the side of the road to have something to hang onto while mounting are over! I almost had it down consistently about a month ago, then I bruised my foot when the seat fell over on it, so I was out of commission for a while. It comes back rather quickly.

Congrats, give it a couple months then you’ll be wondering how you ever had trouble with it.

That’s what I am hoping for. Free mounting has actually been more of a frustration than actually riding! The advantage I see to the static mount is that the pedals are in a good position to start the wheel rolling once I’m up on the silly thing.

Yeah, if you plan on getting into other types of riding I think static is the best mount to get comfortable with. It’s good for mounting skinnies for trials, and for muni when you’re on a steep hill and/or don’t have much room. I’ve seen people who got into the habit of doing roll back mounts struggle in those cases.

Well…I’m getting it more and more. When I first started learning the static mount, I would put a 4X4 behind the wheel to keep it from rolling back. Now I use a brick which is much smaller. Sometimes I don’t put the wheel all the way against the brick so I can get used to not using it at all. I’ve managed to get on a few times without the brick. I found that for me it helps to have the back pedal only slightly lower than the front pedal…this seems to work better than having the cranks parallel to the ground.

I’m kind of a noob myself but when mounting my 29 I find if you do two things Its a lot easier.

  1. Roll it forward as you mount just a little.
    2.don’t press down on the petal as you mount. think of it as jumping over the uni not stepping onto the uni.

Wow that last bit sounded like that creepy kid bending the spoon in Matrix. LOL

I’ve found the roll back mount easier than anything else. I must be odd.

Peoples prefference between the roll back and static mounts for which is easiest is split pretty evenly.

As the wheel gets bigger, the wheel’s greater inertia becomes an issue and the static becomes easier.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense :smiley:

Congrats, it’s a huge milestone to do a static mount. I’m just getting it right with my non-dominant foot. Think it’s needed to do it both ways. :roll_eyes:

I saw a youtube clip that helped enormously, can’t find the link now but the tip was: when you first try the static mount, try to just push your body over the uni without putting the other foot on the front pedal. Get a feel of your weight on the seat and no weight on the back pedal. Do this many times over until it feels comfortable, it will not in the beginning. Then you can try to put the other foot on the front pedal and just ride off into the sunset.:smiley:

This tip made all the difference for me, us noobies never put enough weight on the seat. BTW seat post length/seat height makes a huge difference, mine was too low.

Hello fkb.
That works best for me too on the static mount.