State of the Eroick

Yay, I got new stuff which makes me happy and makes me want to post a thread which is fairly pointless, but might ask a few questions just to warrent creating a new thread in RSU.

If you made it through my nice introduction, welcome to my beautiful post. I recently learnt zee crank grabs to zee rubber! This skill is amazingly important in trials and helps so much! I already posted about how I learnt it, but since nobody read it, i’ll summerize here. Learn it while holding something. Reef up with your arm till you make it then repeat a whole bunch. Then try it without holding on. I got it on my first try after using that method.

So, now I can crankgrab to rubber and thats awesome, but what else? I can also pedalgrab to crankgrab to rubber. This is still a bit sketchy, but whats practice for, eh? I’ll get them nice and smooooth soon, then I’ll get pedalgrab to rubber.

Im also getting higher. No, I haven’t started smoking pot, but I can hop a lot higher than before. Now that I can pedalgrab to crankgrab to rubber also, I can get on things that are HUGE (to me)! Today I went for a ride and I couldn’t believe how easily I got on such huge things. It was awesome!

So, any tips for pedalgrabs to rubber? I’ve been reading up and asking Ryan Atkins, but if anyone has any of their own tips that would be fairly schwag.

Next steps? Pedalgrabs to rubber so I can get things smooother and get onto things that are smaller. Also, I need to get better at riding on smaller things. Flows and poles are in the cards.

I am pumped to go downtown this weekend. I was sorta stuck in a rut because I couldn’t get those stupid crankgrab to rubbers and it was making me maaaad! Now, I can get them so I’m not so down about not being able to do it.

I try not to post these too often like people who are like “YAY I DID A 180!” but I try to keep in touch with the newsgroup every so often. I hope nobody minds :wink: . And as always, I end this saying… Yay Unicycling!!! :smiley:

I read it and so did a few other people.

Cool, I hope it helps someone. Of course, if you hop to the same side that you hold the seat with (I dont, I hop left and hold with my right) then you will have some troubles. Just try crossing over. Not as easy, but whatever, worth a try.

cool erick so your getting the hang of it now… i should really practice that and jumping with seat out. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems jumping with seat out doesn’t allow you to jump as high. it’s probably cause i need practice.

To be honest, pedal grabs to rubber are easier than crank to rubber. With pedal grabs, you can swing the wheel like a pendulum and use its momentum to launch it up onto the ledge. Not that i’ve practiced that stuff in 2 years, but i’ll try to show you how to do it on the weekend ride. I’m sure you’ll have them down that day. If you can find it, i learned the technique from one of KH’s video tutorials that was posted forever ago. You’ll have to do a search for it. In it, he’s doing a demo for a bunch of kids in a makeshift trials course in a parking lot.