Starting to ride over things

Over the past few years, my unicycling has focused on distance riding.

Now I want to learn to properly hop, jump, ride on logs, pallets, narrow beams.

I have a 20" and 29", 36 is just for distance.

I want to begin using my 29" for all arround technical riding.
Also I ride on BMX bike trails with the roller coaster bumps and off road in the woods.

Looking for suggestions as to where to begin.

So far I’m practicing curb jumping/hopping, riding up a wooden plank.

No hopping up steps yet.

What suggestions or idea’s do others have?

my number one tip would be to learn to time your approach to an obstacle in order that your cranks are in the right position when you reach this. To do this, find an empty stretch of road with a decent height curb. Ride along the road parallel to the curb, and try turning at the right time that your cranks are flat as you reach the curb, and you can either unweight enough to roll up it, or rolling hop clear up. Go down the street hopping on and off the curb, you can practise the timing on the way down to, to hop off the curb rather than just roll of it. Soon you’ll learn how to alter you path when riding head-on to an obstacle to get your cranks right to power over it. This is very useful for clearing obstacles in your path.

yeah as kington99 said use curbs, theyre the best place to start, then you can find slightly taller obsticals to jump onto. and then find something taller again and so on. pallets are great for this i think, as you can just keep adding more, and they can be arranged differently to make little trials courses too.

could you crank length help at all with jumping? I use 125’s but would longer ones give a more stable platform?