starting to ride again--what unicycle should I get?

Hi. I hope someone can give me some good advice on getting a new unicycle. I haven’t ridden much in years (I’m 40yo, learned at 11yo, haven’t ridden frequently in probably 20 years), but I can still ride forwards, backwards, one footed, do very small hops, and a few other things. I still have my old unicycles–a Miyata 24" (from 1981ish) and a Kabuki 24" (from 1986ish), but they’re desperately in need of new tires, and the Miyata is pretty rusty/corroded from riding on the beach growing up.

I see unicycles and unicycling have come a long way since I was a kid!!

I’m interested in doing some more trick riding (trials? street? I’m learning the new lingo), and also interested in doing some off road riding (MUni?). Mostly I’m interested in getting back in shape, though, and unicycling sure beats running!

Thanks for any help/advice!

koxx one devil you can get them for under 200$

I wouldn’t recommend koxx one, they have shoddy customer service and the frames are utter rubbish. If I were you, I would go nimbus trials with moments or a kris holm. The best way to get a uni you will love Is to go custom.

Oh and use the search function or you shall be Nom’d on by maestro :stuck_out_tongue:

koxx-one have shoddy service maybe, but the retailers selling the unicycles mostly wont, they are quite a bit nicer as an initial unicycle though! definitely look cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to get into shape a la monocycle, then i recommend muni. thats offroad unicycling btw. btw means by the way. ok. back on track. but muni. it is the best workout you can get on a unicycle, while enjoying yourself. for muni, you should buy a uni with a 24-29" wheel, unless you wanna go really fast. then get a 36er. and with a 36er you can do long distance.

but on another note, dont give up on running. i am training for a marathon and i feel so much happier now that i am getting into pretty good shape. i was skinny before, but i have lost nearly all of the excess fat left on me. and to appeal to unicyclists, running is good crosstraining for unicycling (balance, endurance, cardio, etc)

good luck

And yes, I’ve been searching and reading LOTS of posts on here. So exciting to find out all that’s going on in the world of unicycling. I can’t wait to get going again! I’m driving my family crazy. :smiley:
I think I’ve decided on a Nimbus MUni, upgrading to KH cranks, but I’m kind of undecided on whether to go 24 (like I’ve had in the past) or 26 (for a bigger change). I’m leaning towards 24, though, because it’s smaller/lighter, and would maybe be better as an all-purpose unicycle. Then later I can upgrade to a 26 or even 29 if I do more MUni, or upgrade to a 20 if I find myself doing more trials.
And maybe I’ll run after I drop 20 pounds from riding! :roll_eyes:
Thanks again to all who replied!

The Nimbus 24" Muni is a great choice for getting into MUni but to save some money I would opt for the Venture cranks instead of the Moments. There is nothing wrong with Moments (I have 3 sets) but they are overkill for most people and Ventures will work for you just fine.

Running is great cross-training but make sure you don’t over-do it. When I was training for Ride The Lobster (800km relay style uni race) I would run on the days that I did not ride, overdid it and developed some pretty bad muscle imbalances that really affected my knees. I need to mix in swimming as well if I start training for a race again.

thanks! that’s what I did. can’t wait til it gets here now!

24" is a great size for an all-rounder. It’s big enough for distance and MUni while being small and light enough to do some of the street tricks. Nimbus unis are fantastic so excellent choice all round! :sunglasses:

Oh, and the best thing about Moments is the option of dual holes - I like having the choice of 150 for MUni and 125 for road riding. Just a few seconds with a 15mm spanner is all it takes and it makes a huge difference.

It helps to really google for deals at the year end

I think a 24 or 26 muni would be an excellent choice. Get the KH freeride seat.
What muni to get is a more difficult question. Prices and deals change. It’s been a while, but I remember 07 KH24’s going for 415 $. Or Qu ax for 300 ish. Koxx 1 has had sales also. Nimbus, Torker, KH, qu ax, K1, …ISIS (the crank spline standard) , all those unis are pretty strong. Pricing changes. In general, I would say KH is the best, but is often (but not always) kinda pricey. Get the KH seat though, no matter what you buy.

Thanks for these great forums, everyone! I’m learning oodles from yall, and from getting back in the saddle!
Also, my husband has caught the unicycle bug too. He’s been trying to ride my new Nimbus 24" MUni. Even my 11yo with autism was trying to give it a whirl, but it’s too big for him. As a result, hubby is going to order a 20" freestyle later today (cyber monday! woo-hoo!), something easier for him to learn on and that will fit our son if he really wants to follow through and learn to ride too.
And my 2yo can’t get enough of watching unicycle videos online! :smiley:

I would highly recomend a KH 24 I talked to the legend himself and he said its the perfect uni its big enough to Muni and small enough to do trials its very light weight and strong. they dont come cheap but they are well worth the money.

Koxx one devil flight :wink:
awesome uni and cheap!!
the only thing that is shit, is the frame, it is just a bit heavy… so If you have enough money… buy also a impact frame ^^

QU-AX 26" Muni

My family and I have been riding for less than a year and we have recently bought 3 x QU-AX 26" Munis and we ABSOLUTLY love them. They were about 35% less then the KH26 delivered. The 145 crank length is perfect for eating up off road kilometers and pulling up fairly steep hills. Our gravel driveway is 150m of 1in 5 or 20% slope and I can easliy get mine up it. I am slowly learning to ride it backwards, its definately a little more dificult than my 20 for this. For hopping gutters, rough ground, stairs (hopping up and riding down) it is just awsome. These unicycles feel very solid and I reckon they will last us for years. I would highly recomend it to anyone who can ride a unicycle and is wanting to cover some ground. Hope this helps :slight_smile: have fun