Starting For the First Time Since August

Hello unicycling community!

Its been a long time since I have been here. Its also been a long time since I have practiced unicycling. Unfortunately winter never ends here in College-Land and the weather is erratically bipolar, going from 60 degrees one day to snowing the next. But things seem to be picking up and I may be able to venture outside and practice unicyling again for the first time since August.

I have probably lost all sense of balance I had sort-of-kinda obtained during my little time spent learning and will have to practice for hours to regain what I once had. I think the farthest I have ever been able to go has been three cycles forward. But that progress did make me happy. :slight_smile: Hopefully I will be able to do that again.

Any tips for starting again? I’d like to learn before the end of the year, but I may have to learn before August if I get accepted to study abroad in England. I feel that I started off really slow and did not learn as quick as I could, so maybe if I try something new I will be able to do better this time around.

Also, once you start to be able to ride is there any difficulty in hopping on and riding again after months of not riding? It would be a shame if I could learn only to lose my ability if I am lucky enough to go overseas.

Practice practice practice, you don’t tend to loose skills but they sometimes get a bit rusty.
Also theres plenty of us riding in England.:smiley:

If the weather is too bad, you could ride back and forth in your living room, basement, or garage.

I liked much longer distances when I learned, so find yourself a parking garage or something.

  • Practise daily if possible - maybe take a look at this guide:
  • By August you will a confident unicyclist!
  • Why stop if you go overseas? :thinking:

I missed the England part in the OP

+1 on bringing it w/ you.

For a trip to Boston, I got a large suitcase and I can fit my 24" Muni in w/ the tire, frame, & pedals off. Weight becomes tricky if you want to avoid the extra fee.

I put as many of the heavier things as I could in my cary on (seat, post, frame, pedals, cranks, tools), but now I bet TSA wouldn’t let me carry on some of those things.

I bet you are bringing several stowed items, so distribute the heavy stuff over several bags, but if memory serves you need to watch total weight as well to eliminate fees.

Do not despair!! After a 20 year break, and even back then I could only ride about 30 feet, I was able to hop on and ride at least that much. After 1 month of practicing almost every day, I can now do over a half mile consistently. Stick with it, and it’ll be a great summer!

Ah, you misunderstand me! I will unfortunately be UNABLE to bring my uni with me. I will be studying a single semester and cannot afford to pay for extra luggage for non-essential items. I would, however, like to learn before I leave. If I could, I would bring it with me though. I think that would be amazing.

I do not have an indoor space to practice. I live in a small dorm without anything I could grip to balance myself. Plus, I have a roommate in the small space I have been given. Outdoors it is for me.

When I brought my uni to boston, I had a heavy 24" Muni. Things would be easier w/ a basic 20. The uni doesn’t really take up much space, but you prob would need at most 2 stowed items.

It’s possible to practice a surprizing amount in a small place. In my bedroom I can get a bit over 1.5 revs in my bedroom and 5 in a streight line in the living room, plus there’s hallways, and oh yeah outside :p. Even in just a couple of square feet I can think of over 15 things you could do w/o the wheel ever rotating at all.

I bet if Elias really wanted to he could have done all of this in the confines of my bedroom, which he did in his basement.

So, once you can ride a bit, you can start learning tricks. Also you could set up some colapsable obstacles for some bedroom trials.