Starting a University Club

Anyone have any advice on starting a club at the University level? I’ve met enough here at Bishop’s to warrant starting one (so we are ;))

well, george barnes(GB4 himself) started the one at Iowa State. so he might have so tips. My suggestions from being involved with that club: once you meet all the requirements for being a club, usually a couple officers and some paperwork, have some informational meetings and try to get non-uni people to show up. At the ISU club we got funds to buy unicycles to loan to new people so they can learn on a club’s torker, or just see if they like it or whatever, then after they learn we encourage them to buy their own and leave the club’s unis to the new people. It works pretty well and lets us grow the club.

Nifty idea, getting funding… Maybe I can talk to a LBS about a discount or something… I don’t know what kind of funding I can get, apparently at Bishop’s you need to be a club for a year before you get funding :’(
One guys doing the paperwork, I’m doing posters… We’re both meeting new people who ride or want to!

A Uni Uni club :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

well, if you are a club for a yeaer, apply for funding. its a huge hassle(at least here) and takes a while. but i might not have started riding if there wasn’t a torker for me to take home the first night i went to a meeting. you probably won’t need very many, just 2-3 torkers or something that’s like $100 so people can learn.

red tape ramble

If you folks can get funding after paperwork and hastle, count yourselves lucky! It won’t be as easy for us. The SRC (student representative council) dosen’t give you funding unless you can show that you are making a minimum amount for them through fundraisers. I tried to start an astronomy club, and it fell flat on it’s face. It was better just to operate through the physics department. Unless I stay at bishops for a few more years and actually arange fundraidsing… na -not going to happen :slight_smile:

If we can just organize people to bring their own unicycles and lend them to people for a day if they aren’t planing to use them… again, probably won’t work.

anyway, just some insight into the red-tape.

I suppose it would just feel cool to be able to say that we are part of an official club :wink:

-a thought -perhaps there are old unicycles out there that we could collect from good sameritans for the “communal benefit”… ? any takers? -we might be able to convince the src to pay for shipping :slight_smile:

Mike :slight_smile: