starting a uni club

I want to start a unicycle club in my neighborhood and i was wondering how to go about it, do i need to register with the USA. Also should i try to get corporate sponsorship, because there are lot if local businesses i might be bale to approach

I was thinking about starting one at my school :smiley:

I think affiliation with USA and corporate sponsorship are issues that will only come up later on if your club grows and gets big enough. Getting two or three people to agree to meet is the first goal. (do you already have a group of friends who meet regularly?)

There is another thread in today’s list that might be of use to you. HERE

off-topic but related to your Waterford unicycle sighting thread: I checked the unicyclist roster he mentions and note that there is a rider from Waterford listed there; he might be your Dream Cruise sighting in Waterford. :wink:

My husband knows the rider from Waterford that’s listed in the roster. He’ll find out if it was him.

Oh Yeah
About Setting Up a Unicycle Group in the U.S.