Starting a resto project. Anyone know this saddle?

I’m thinking I’m looking for a replacement saddle, as this one is wrecked from me learning to ride years ago. Was my mom’s uni, I picked it up when I was 10 and started learning.

Any info on the unicycle would also be appreciated.

It seems that the saddle is not original, as it appears to be on this uni in an old newspaper clipping circa 1975, which has a different crown and those thru-axle cranks. (On the left, also the only one you can see due to glare.)

If anyone has this saddle lying around and is willing to part with it, let me know.

it’s hard to tell with the photo so small, can you get bigger pics?


I spent about 5 minutes playing with bbcode to make the images smaller, but it seems the forum hasn’t implemented resizing images that way.

MS Paint works just fine : )

That is a sweet cycle. I never fancied old unicycles before until now.

I think I have one that looks close to yours. Meaning not any better. I also have the rest of the unicycle. I got mine for $15 back in the early 80s, used, but it had a bicycle seat on it. Then it spent many years with handlebars instead of a seat, and got used in shows. Now it just kind of hangs there.

You might have better luck trying to find the fabric. It’s probably some sort of vinyl, and I imagine there are online resources for all sorts of “vintage” fabrics where you might find something close or even an exact match. Then you can hammer out the steel and add some foam to make it look like new. Just never ride on it, or it’ll start to “degrade” within a few minutes. :slight_smile:

I had guessed if anyone had seen one before, it would be you. At this point, after I get that saddle back together, I don’t think it’ll see any use. Who’s bright idea was it to build a saddle with no protection anyway? I used to ride with the ends wrapped with rags, because those corners are sharp from falls while learning.