starting a juggling/unicycling club

Hello everybody!

I am a freshman at South Dakota State University this year, and I’m starting a
juggling/unicycling club on campus. I thought the people on this mailing list
would be perfect to ask for any helpful hints in my endeavor!

So far, I have recruited 23 members (some of whom can juggle, a few of whom
can unicycle, and plenty who can’t yet do either) and two advisers who are in
the process of learning how to juggle and unicycle.

I have also reserved a weekly practice spot. I’m interested in your ideas of how
to generate/maintain interest, what to do at meetings, what we should do
(performances, field trips, parades?), and anything else you can help me with. I
would like to try to get funding from the university for equipment, but I don’t
know how likely that is. Right now, for teaching purposes, we have access to
about 7 unicycles (which are either mine or some of our generous neighbors’).

We have a lot of beginners right now, but I have been teaching two people in my
calc class, and they are picking it up quickly! Both juggling and unicycling. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input~

Tammy Marsh

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