Starting a fund raiser

I was hoping to start a small fund raiser where I could get people to sponser me for each lap (or mile) gone around the track. 100% of the money raised would go to a charity or something (I havent decided yet)

How excactly would I do this?
My dad says that it will never happen… but I really want to do something to help other people. (preferably with unicycling :smiley: )

I would probably spend most of the day doing as many laps as I could.

But I reeeeaaally Have no idea how to start :frowning:

When me and my friends were 1st hosting unicycle charity runs. We asked around especially when there was small events of fairs/parades. Sure enough some people came up to us and asked us if we would host a run and we agreed. Ever since that time, more of my friends (including me) and their “unique” machines have been doing charity runs.

Also if would be best to get a small team of riders to join in as it will make the day better and people will contribute their $$$ all for the name of charity.

Hoped this helped somewhat my friend. :smiley: :smiley:

BTW it took me and my friends sometime before we got to attend our 1st unicycle charity run. So don’t expect it to work 1st time. But keep trying though as i know you will.

Well I only have 1 other unicyclist in my city… :frowning:

Thanks alot for the advice though, I talked to my dad and he said there are lots of legal things that I need to do… Is that true?

1) Well…um…then ask your mates who ride bikes or skateboards etc to join in. We once had 80+ people join our run. :smiley:
2) Most definitely to some extent of course. You have to make sure that where you do your rides. It doesn’t affect the areas of busy roads, funerals and so forth.

This thread should provide some useful information sooner or later. I’ll definitely keep my eye on it since I’m trying to put together a long distance ride for charity next year in Indiana.

Ok, Ill ask around for other people :smiley:

And Im thinking of doing it on the school track, so there wont be an traffic problems

That sounds really fun :smiley:

My advice would be don’t start one, join one. I recently rode in a ‘Relay for Life’ event run by Cancer research Uk, there were over 8,000 of these events in the US this year, find your nearest and join in, get a team of mates together (unicyclists or not).

Thats a good idea! :smiley:

Ill check it out, thanks