Starting a 28" uni

Robin writes:
> I’ve also just brought a 28" DM - with a view to commuting. It’s a brilliant
> machine but I’m fairly new to unicycling anyhow and have difficulty mounting
> - i can freemount on my 20" cycle - as it tends to shoot off even if I have
> the pedal almost verticle. Other than the usual patience and try try again -
> any good ideas, or other mounts that are good for such a machine.

I don’t have a 28" uni, but I have ridden one and could mount it straight away
using a `non-rolling’ mount:

Start with the foot-pedal back and a little below the horizontal (like most
normal mounts, I suppose). Then, with a little hop, propel yourself up and over
the cycle, with just the right pressure on the foot-pedal that the wheel does
not move on the ground at all. When the frame is vertical, you can put your
non-pedal foot on the forward pedal and ride off.

This was the first way I learnt to freemount. It does not look or feel quite as
neat as the `standard’ freemount, but has several advantages:

(i) almost totally unaffected by wheel diameter
(ii) almost unaffected by terrain (so good for rough-terrain mounts)

Of course, you still have to be able to ride off once your feet are in place!


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