Starting a 28" uni

I’ve also just brought a 28" DM - with a view to commuting. It’s a brilliant
machine but I’m fairly new to unicycling anyhow and have difficulty mounting - i
can freemount on my 20" cycle - as it tends to shoot off even if I have the
pedal almost verticle. Other than the usual patience and try try again - any
good ideas, or other mounts that are good for such a machine.

Regarding stopping, this is not the answer but has certainly helped me. I
changed the rear wheel on my usual commuter cycle to a fixed gear (18 tooth onto
a 42 tooth front ring). I found this really good trainning and made myself stop
using the brakes. Great for toughening up thost legs and re-educating them into
the world of one wheel. I got all the bits from my friendly on-line cycle store
who are brilliant for unusual parts and spares it
wasn’t expensive.

Sadly the whole bike was stolen from the station bike shed last week. So I’ve
got to get going on my 28" uni to justify the expence to my long suffering wife
(not another bike Robin)

Happy Christmas / Seasons Greetings to you all.