startig a learn to uni class

im going to start a learnt o uni class at my local community center. im thinking of divid in to 3 groups
level 1: $50 for 7 hour and a half classes
level 2:$12 for 3 hour classes(must have some riding ability)
practice: $10 an hour, just show up.

the reason i have the beginer price at 50 is im going to need to buy some starter unis(suns, torker lx’s). i was wondering if you guys have any ideas that could bake this run more smoothly. i was thinking a minum class size of 4 for my 1st class(that way i can buy unis as ive said). i have access to a gym to teach in.
any tips

Have you ever taught anyone to ride before? Have practiced teaching would be a good idea before you start charging people. Other than that, interesting idea, go for it!

ive taught 3 of my friends, only 2 of them still ride though, the third just decided he didnt like it that much

$10/hour is too much for people to just use a gym. Back when I had a club on Long Island we had to split $20 to use our gym for two hours, and some people wouldn’t show up because they didn’t want to chip in even on that. You may have to experiment, but I’d recommend starting at half that. If it costs too much, there won’t be any income at all.

Our club costs £1 ($1.97) for 2 and a half hours, however, we do have at least 30 members every week.

We (RTUC in Michigan) just finished up our annual beginners class. We’ve been running them for about 15 years now. This year we had 50+ beginners registered for the class. We charge $30 for the first family member and $10 for each additional family member for 10 1-hour lessons (and graduation and brunch at the last class). We have a whole slew of old cycles and some newer ones that we let the class members use if they don’t own one. We also ask that our active club members come and help out. We have registration forms that everyone must fill out that includes a liability waiver. In addition we require that parents stay the entire time with their children during class time. I’ve been the instructor for every year, except one. If there are any other questions you have, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, check out our website,, for more information.

p.s. We have practice on Saturday mornings. Why don’t you come and check us out?

I think it sounds a bit like what you’re offering is like an expensive local unicycling club. Which is okay as long as there really isn’t an alternative near you, but if you’re in it for the money, rather than just to spread unicycling, probably isn’t going to make you much.

Where there’s a potentially money making gap in the market I reckon is in the ‘personal trainer’ type market. There are lots of people doing sports where balance is really important, off the top of my head, I’ve been told by people that unicycling is good for balance skills in horse riding, surfing, kayaking, motorcycling, and I’m sure there are other sports it would be good for. There’s also a massive fashion for ‘core strength’ exercise. The good thing about all these sports and sport fads, is that they’re all really really expensive, a horse rider is probably spending more than a unicycle costs per week just on stabling. Individual ‘personal balance training through unicycling’ would be great, and if marketed at the right people (ie.people doing expensive sports already) could be worth a fair bit more than you’re thinking of charging, personal training is typically more like $50 an hour. The downside of that is that many gyms etc. require personal trainers to be certified, which is an expensive thing to get and takes time. But if you could work round that, and advertise in the local horsey magazines say, I think this idea could really have potential.


Joe is right on. I’d add football, soccer, mtbing, tennis, boxing, etc. Any sport that is heavy on balance or coordination.

Also post fliers at any store w/ a bullitin board, like many health food stores, and bike shops, around schools, talk to heads of the athletic departments.

I’ve just completed browzing your web site. What a wonderful endeavor! Fifteen years, too! Gosh, I’m so impressed! Seriously, you’ve inspired me to ponder launching a similar organization here in my town, Grand Forks!

I must ask: Does your club rent or own an indoor space? I’ll have to chat with you personally about this successful effort. Thanks so much for posting! --Carl Barrentine, North Dakota

lower level one to $30?

We rent. The annual classes, parades, and performances pay for the gym time.

I wish people would learn to rides unicycles by my house. THey wont even take my free lessons. I have been riding for a long time and only inspired two of my friends to learn and I had to really talk them into it. Stupid people who live in Castaic California NEED to unicycle!