starter unicycle recommendations?

Looking for a unicycle as a gift for a 24 year old in the US who has never used one before and I know nothing about them. Doesn’t need to be fancy but I don’t want to waste $ on something that will just fall apart. Hoping to spend around $100. Will probably be used mostly indoors or outdoors on pavement. Web search has been confusing. Any recommendations? Thanks!

This page may be helpful:

I just started on the Club. It works great for what I am doing so far. I went with the 26" as I am kind of tall 6’2". I could not justify spending more for something I did not know anything about, but so far it has been great. I did grade the pedals to some BMX platforms, which are much nicer than the stock plastic ones, but other than that, it has been great for me.

if i were to do it again i would get this one

I agree with that, seems a shame I didn’t buy that 3 years ago… :o


Thanks for your help, everyone!