Starter Unicycle for Kids

Since I got a uni for Christmas, my kids each want one for their birthdays. My oldest son’s birthday is up first (and very soon) so I’ll be ordering one for him today (I hope). Anyway, I was wondering what I should get. He is turning 9. He is 4’ 3" tall. I also have another son that will most likely be riding it as well. He is 7 1/2 and 4’ 1". I’m sure that if I get something my oldest can ride, then it should easily suit his brother, also. I’m open to (and asking for) recommendations. Should I get an 18" or 20" and what brand?


torker lx or dx

surf around they have everything:D

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I’ve had two kids learn. I would suggest getting a good 20" as long as they can reach the pedals. The Torker/Unistar LX is a good sub-$100 uni available at and e-bay. A 20 will be used for a long time so it is worth getting a decent one with a good seat.

If you end up needing a 16" for either child, go budget with a Torker/Unistar CX or other similar uni with main cap bearings. They’ll outgrow a 16" in no time so don’t go for a big investment in one.

My youngest is petite and launched into the abyss right before her sixth BD and was a rider just after. She started on a 16. She’s 8 now and has been on a 20 for about a year. Her 20 has a really short seat tube and seat post so she can reach the pedals. She can’t reach on some other 20’s yet.

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This is one of my main concerns, the height, that is. I just got my first uni for Christmas and it is a 24". I really think it was a bit too tall for me (I have a 29" inseam). I finally cut a few inches off the seat post and made a huge difference.

I think my son’s inseam is only about 20" so I doubt he’d be able to handle a 20" uni right now. Maybe I’m wrong. On a 20" wheel, with 5" cranks, the seat would have to be only about 6-7" above the top of the tire. The LX comes with an 8" post. I know I can cut some off, but I think the frame would be too high. Maybe not.

New Info: I was just looking at the site and noticed that they measure inseam to the floor with shoes on.

Would something like an 18" Sun be any good?

I would still go for the Torker LX20. As you know, the seat post can be cut. If that is not enough, the seat tube can also be cut. Here is a thread with some tips:

If you must get a sub 20 inch cycle, the quality shouldn’t matter much because it won’t see too much hard use. That Sun should be fine.

Thanks for the info. I just ordered the LX20. I can’t wait for him to try it out.

Good choice. You’ll be ordering another soon for the younger.

You mentioned the 18" sun. I’ve never had or ridden a 18". Its an odd tire size so I don’t think a lot of them get sold.

But the PE (non-rider) teacher at our local elementary school has a unicycle program with a bunch of 16’s (old school miyatas no less) and 20’s and one 18. He says he thinks the elementary kids actually learn faster on an 18.

Edit - I just noticed you’re in the Dallas area. Next time I get called down for Hail Storm claims we should hook up. Are the Fort Worth Unipsychos still riding? I went out with them on a couple night rides back in April '03 and had a gas.

I haven’t looked in to any clubs around here yet. I just moved to Texas a couple months ago and just started riding (I guess I can’t really ride yet :wink: ) a couple weeks ago. I hope that by the kids getting involved, it will give me more time to ride. I can still call it family time if it involves the family, right?!?

Actually, I can’t wait until I can ride my uni on our family “bike” rides.

The only downside to the Torker LX is not having a quick release for saddle height adjustment. I love the LX, but if the uni is going to be shared with different size riders, a quick release seat post is really useful.