Starter Cycle?

How is this for a starter cycle?


go with the 20" for a starter. its easier to learn on and its cheaper

I learned on a 24" Torker LX, YEAH. It took me 3 days to learn on it. So I dunno…but I have never tried a 20" so it could be just as equally good. Doesn’t matter to me

It’s not a big difference for learning. More important is how you think you’ll ride once you get going. If you want to go places, get the 24". If you’re more interested in tricks and riding in small areas, get the 20".

$89.00 for the 20" LX
$99.00 for the 24" LX
Not a significant difference to choose the less expensive one.
It probably is a little easier to learn on, but again not a significant difference. So don’t let those differences be your reason for choosing the smaller size.

I feel that the 24" would be a better choice. I learned on a 20" Torker and eventually bought a 24" LX which I now ride instead of the 20". The 24" will allow you to go faster and further with each revolution of the wheel.

You’ll eventually have a complete assortment of unicycles, so it doesn’t really matter too much what your first one is.

My town is hilly and not much places to do tricks, so i think im looking at the 24. is that the same thing?


Yep, It is.

could you guys go down big hills without a break?


Ya, you will be fine without one, they are only used 24" for real steep stuff, like mountians, you wont need one on the street.

Re: Starter Cycle?

The difference in learning time between 20" and 24" wheels is 30%
(I’ve done the research). The significance of that is that if you
learn in a club and a variety of unicycles is available, pick the 20".
However, if you will learn on a unicycle you buy for yourself, the
consideration of your intended use overrides that of easy learning.
Tricks/Freestyle: 20". Distance/General Purpose/Mixed Use: 24".

For real distance riding, a 24" is smallish, but I would suggest not
attempting to learn riding on anything larger than 24" (although it
has been done even on a 36" Coker).

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IT definetly seems like im oging to get the 24" torker LX and probably through ebay. Is anybody here looking to sell one for cheaper than $100 including shipping?


Get this one
You will be happier for alot longer.

pdc makes a valid point. If you are going to stick with it, this will be cheaper in the long run, because it will last longer.

But while I am here, let me also suggest a Miyata. They are more expensive, but will last you for life unless you run over it with the car or use it for trials.

Not necessarily true. Unless he’s planning on jumping off picnic tables. If he’s going to ride it for what it was designed for, he’ll be quite happy with it. He’ll also appreciate the lightness of it compared to the DX.

You make it sound like the LX is going to spontaneously self destruct. I’ve had one for over a year that I ride on the street. It is, except for some scratches on the seat bumpers and pedals, still in terrific shape.

The DX is going to cost him $64.00 more including shipping.

How high can i jump from with the LX?


With the above quote, I have to change my recommendation.

If jumping from objects is something that you are considering doing, the DX would be a better choice for you. The LX is a finesse uni where the DX is the big hammer.

What will probably happen, is that you’ll jump off of something 6" high, then it will be 12" high. Then it will be 24", then higher. If you purchased the LX you’ll break it and you’ll be yelling at some of us, including me for recommending it to you.

So, if jumping is in your future, do your self a favor and get the DX.

I just want it to be able to do 12" for going off curbs onto sidewalks and stuff, im not quite that suicidal.


I just obught the 24" LX on eBay. Thanks for all your opinions, really helped me. Im gonna throw on some hockey gear and my helmet, and get going. Are wrist guards necessard for street riding? I have knee pads, elbow bads, (hockey gloves maybe), helmet(duh) will i survive?


Wow you are safe! Yes do wear wrist guards becuase if you fall foward with out them, you could break your wrists trying to break your fall with your hands. Good Luck!

Re: Starter Cycle?

On Wed, 4 May 2005 20:57:26 -0500, “e39m5” wrote:

>Im gonna throw on some hockey gear and my helmet, and get
>going. Are wrist guards necessard for street riding? I have knee pads,
>elbow bads, (hockey gloves maybe), helmet(duh) will i survive?

Most people ride with less safety items than you list, especially when
just riding on streets from A to B. Of the things you mention, elbow
pads you need the least. But I’m not going to disrecommend (sp)
anything, afraid as I am of being yelled at just in case.
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