Started learning this weekend =D

So, I bought my unicycle in the middle of this last winter, and I’ve just been quite busy since then. Well, this last weekend I went to visit my brother, to celebrate his birthday last week. Well… I figured the weather was supposed to be nice… and I went and bought a torker CX for my brother from a local bike shop, tossed it and my KH20 in my truck and drove up.

The first thing my brother said was “you are NOT giving me a unicycle!” and “If I try to ride that thing I’ll be in the hospital and out of a job!”

Well… Gave him 20 minutes of the two of us making fools of ourselves in the driveway with his daughters watching… and he was hooked =D Neither of us made it more than 2 or 3 pedal rotations around before falling off by the time we were exhausted, but I think we’re both hooked =) What we really need to do is find a nice tennis court or something with a fence or railing beside us.

Better yet, find a long concrete wall, like at the back of a big box store, then palm the wall as you pedal, when you get confident then just pedal away from the wall.

Bonus, find a place that has a slight grade and ride down the grade as you palm the wall, this will improve the flow somewhat.

Have fun, it’s a great sport, I just got back a couple hours riding local mtb trails with my dogs :slight_smile:

You showed up with a unicycle as a birthday gift… i have told my brother he must buy a me 36er for my birthday but thats not going to happen…

Best birthday gift ever…

IMO best is a LONG railing, about chest height while seated, so u can push or pull yourself to it. A slight down grade is slightly helpful IMO, (never seen one more than 18’ around here) but I think length is more important, and getting off and walking back gets annoying. 1/4 mile from my house there was a parking lot w/ a 90’ rail. I taught a guy to ride in an hour w/ a rail (more typical is 1-2 wks).

Fast learners seam to do OK w/ a wall or a patient partner’s shoulder. (But until u do u don’t know if your fast or slow.)

WEIGHT ON THE SEAT! IMO for learning and basic riding ~90%.

Learn w/ fairly high pressures, 50psi & a bit less w/ the knobby on the KH, maybe 40. Try to practice daily, an hour if u can, pedal in smooooth circles. Once u get ~ 10+ revs switch unis & notice the differences, likes & dislikes.

When u can do the length of the rail several times, work on controlled dismounts at an exact spot w/ each foot. Then work on mounts and/or ride around a large empty area (eg playground, parking lot, tennis/B-ball court).