started hopping practice

After successfully putting off hopping practice while still progressing in other trials/freestyle areas, Ryan’s (m_extreme_uni’s) new trials clips have inspired me to actually start practicing my hopping.

muniracer posted in response to Ryan’s trials clips:

“awesome videos - they make me want to go try something extreme and get hurt!”

I think I feel the same way :wink: … Anyway, I’m especially practicing the seat out technique and this is the highest jump I’ve done:

The hopping clip is a 38 centimeter hop onto some palletes in my backyard. Both of those are .mov files and I’d like to see if they work for people, thanks.

very nice!
i am actually practicing seat in front hops too! i havent tried any big hops, just getting used to hoping up flights of stairs. i am still at the point where i can get much higher with the seat under my butt. i can get a good 17-18 inches up that way but if I want to compete with 35, 40 inches I better get the seat from out under my butt…

Thanks. Yeah, my big thing used to be rolling hops, but Kris Holm was right when he said something to the extent of, most trials obstacles don’t have the area needed for a good rolling hop, especially muni stuff. So I’ve started getting serious about seat-out hopping. Rolling hops are good to practice, especially if you’re going to be clearing stair sets and stuff, but as far as regular trials hoppping I’m sticking with the seat-out hop.

Post your progress! (if you can media-wise)

earlier, i was trying to get my seat out from under me, but it seems like i’d have to bow my legs out for the back to fit between. but then i’d have to lower my seat. can you guys get your seat out with the seat at normal riding height?

to muniracer: i started with the seat-out technique going up stairs and stuff, but i recommend progressing with it quickly if you can already jump high regularly. i mean, just try something you would usually jump with the seat under with, and you may find it easy, while still having to work at it, just because you’ve been doing it without the seat-out.

to ubersquish: my seat comes right out in the front, in the back it’s harder though. how high is your uni in relation to how tall you are? mine is probably the lowest i could have it before it would get too low. it’s probably that your seat is too high for jumping.

i’ve got my seat high enough that if i stand on the pedals, i’m only about two inches off the seat

first off, i’d like to say i post way too much.

now, ubersquish, my seat is at least 6 inches away from my crotch. i’d recommend lowering yours, by increments at a time so you feel comfortable with it. also, i think i’m going to raise my seat another inch or so, i ride it really low.

I got out early this morning and for three hours practiced hopping up my 15 inch three palette setup. I achieved 7 consecutive seat under, and 2 consecutive seat out 15 inches of pure unadulterated hop. I got tired by the time that I got to the seat out so I would have practiced it more and probably done my goal of at least 5, but I’ll save that for next time. Now that I’m actually practicing hopping I’m starting to feel good about it. For the year I’ve been into trials unicycling I basically just ignored it for some reason and my regular hop used to be about half what I’m doing now. Thanks for listening. I guess I’ll continue to post my progress.

By the way, how’s it going muniracer? You probably have a life so I won’t assume you got out at 7 to practice your hopping for three hours ;). Hope things are going well for you too though.

zach_jucha. Nice work on the seat-out hops, John Childs gave me a video of some of Ryan’s unicycling clips. What it looks like what Ryan does, is that when he jumps, he really sucks up his knees…Insane huh…I just set my own record of 21 inches, not much compared to Ryan. Keep practicing zach!


my advice: i found that the technique of a short hop before your actual hop does the trick nicely. i was watching ryan’s video clips in his gallery and that’s what it looks like he does. it really helps more then anything else i’ve tried.

good work on that 21 inches! i hope to add another palette eventually making the hop a good 20 inches with the key word of course being “eventually”.

i think also what really helps is doing both seat out and seat under hopping on the same obstacles. because there is a point where static seat under hopping won’t work anymore and that is when you really start taking advantage of the seat out method. it’s really all about the practice though. your muscles and your head get trained to doing specific things that make your hops the best they can be.

just so there are no inconsistencies, the original link i posted is no longer mine. this one is though:

I was just wondering do you still have your balls attached to you or how do you do that 6 foot drop?

You sound like you’re doing really well. I agree with Kris, rolling hops are pretty useless, even for clearing stairs. I 've landed a 7 set on a sidehop wiothout any issues. How do you like seat out. I was loving it on my handleless miyata, but now that I have the KH saddle and my Onza cranks, it’s alot more difficult. For example, on my old uni, I could seat out about 14" and seat in about 16". Now on my Onza, I can seat in about 18-20" and I can barely seat out 12". I guess I have to just kep practicing. I wish I had some palletes to stack or some boxes, but woe, all I can do is scout for the right obstacles and objects in the neighbourhood. Better go practice:) .

joona, ever heard of that song detachable penis? well, you get the picture. but seriously, it’s all about the way you land. i’ve hurt myself doing worse things like yesterday when i did a rolling hop so high i got out of control and my feet flew off the pedals, and i landed like that… and well, you get the picture again.

gerblefranklin, that is crazy! i can only static hop five steps. i really like rolling hops for some things but overall in hopping up stuff it’s best to be able to rely on static seat out hopping skill.

I’ve started to get better at landing also and using right kind of underwear helps a lot. Maybe I should get cycling shorts. Even though I have to wear something over those, they look ridiculous.

cycling shorts are a must. i’ve always worn pants over them.