Start thinking about the 24 hour race in ontario, may long weekend

hey guys, they are going to be asking me to put the down payment on two teams very shortly, do we have any interested riders this time around?

this year we can arrange it better. there should be a fast team and a ‘normal’ team, the fast team could make an attempt for a ridiculous amount of laps, to shame the most bikers possible

the fast team (5 man teams)…vince, steve, roland, adam…?

anyone want solo spots?


…just thinking out loud…

I think that the big question mark was about, like, what big 24 hr. race in Ontario? That’s what I asked myself anyway.

I don’t need the question mark. I am in either way. I would be of the Normal team variety though, so keep that in mind.

Where in Ontario?

I am seriously considering getting a Coker… so I would love to try if it isn’t too much traveling.

Brian do you want a race or a spring gathering ?

Is it you intention on planning an event which welcomes spring and the 2008 Unicycle year? Or Host a 24 hour event to a select few who only want to race and compete ?

May is a great month that Unicyclist can get back out in the absence of snow.

Let me relate that to the motorcycle season. During late November many motorcyclist put their trusty steads up for winter. Come Late Apr, early May they bring them back out again. Maybe the same is true with unicyclist. May is possibly the season to gather other eager riders who want to get together and ride.

If its a gathering of unicyclist where more than a race is happening …

I can’t speak for other people, but I’m itching for a reason to get together with other riders. Perhaps if this event was an invite to Canadian and other riders to get together then it follows my motorcycle season thingy.

My 2 cents


I’ll have to do something really good for Rose, so she’ll give me that weekend in May off of husband/dad duties. Mainly due to my being away the whole week for RTL in June.

This is for the Lifestyles 24 hour hour MTB race held every year. last year’s riders will be given preference, just putting a bug in people’s ears is all… (i won’t need a final commitment till feb)

You could promise her you’ll go away for a week in june if she lets you come up in may :slight_smile:

Same here. Except that she’s Malorie instead of Rose, and that I have no husband/dad duties… Well I guess I can make it!

This strategy might work in a ‘normal 24hr race’ but the 23 biker teams that show up every year are pretty damn good. I’m sure we can once again earn their respect, but can’t imagine even a Vince+Adam combo team producing any shame.

Whats wrong with the USA vs. Canada idea again? I thought the competition and rivalry was fun…but of course we won last year :wink:


I got to warn you though, the canadian team will be all sponsored riders, that makes them better :slight_smile:

Sponsored, ok
But can they wake up in the middle of the night and do another lap?

Who are these sponsored riders anyway, your ‘fast team’ above was 3/4 Yankees.


Unless it’s cold, rainy, or dark, Yes!